yemen sana'ani was my secret

i got caught trying to add a coffee to the list and not telling everyone. the fact is i wanted to re-roast and recup the new yemen sana'ani again, maybe tweak the review a little, and make the flavor quality analysis graph. anyway, the review is true, the best yemen i have found in a long time. the fact is, we shipped this lot with a mattari, and with an ismaili (a very hard to source coffee), and we had to reject these two. the mattari was okay in the dark roasts, but i just could not get excited about it. the ismaili had faded a lot from the pre-ship samples i cupped, and it would have disappointed you all. i mean, i could have offered it with a big asterik by the name, and explained it was mild, and had just a trace of that ismaili spice to it. but i wouldn't feel good doing that. the name connotes something for you all, as it does for me; this lot just missed the bar. anyway, on a better note, the sana'ani works really well as a tangy, fruited light roast, or full-city+ to vienna with chocolate and spice abundant. it definitely did make the bar... -tom

The original Yemen Ismaili

The original Yemen Ismaili exporter isn't shipping the coffee. We tried a work-around and found another importer who could source true Ismaili coffee (i.e. from the Hiraz area. hence Hirazi). The pre-shipment sample was very nice; exotic spice, chocolate, hefty and powerful. Pre-shipment means the sample an exporter sends of the actual milled lot before it leaves the country. After 6 weeks on the water, I received the arrival sample, and it was nothing like the pre-ship. It was dried out hay, dusty dry earth. It was a no-brainer, I had to reject it. That's the story behind Ismaili. We also rejected Mattari. Sana'ani continues to be the best Yemeni region. I wish we could find the others, but you can't force these things. If you do, you will only end up with an exporter who says they have Ismaili and ships you Grade 5 Djimmah from Ethiopia. It has happened before... -Tom

So there will not be any

So there will not be any Ismali Hirazi this year? We have been waiting for the lot to come in.
Last year we got a small bag of it with our Hottop, and it was great. I am a little bummed now....