Yemen Sana'ani - Withered Bean, Drought

Yemeni coffee comes from an old coffee system. There are no farms like you might find in Central America. It is often grown on terraces, and families have ancestral rights to farm those terraces. Yemen has been in drought for, oh, say 500 years. With cultivation of Qat and the prevelence of cheap portable equipment to dig wells, the water table is diminished. The coffee suffers signs of drought, as you can read by looking at the green coffee. It is a very rustic coffee system, dry-processed by tradition, where the whole cherry is laid on a flat rooftop to dry, with no selection by machine possible. It is also a system where the coffee might be traded 5 or 10 times between middlemen before being prepared for export. This means old coffee and new are often mixed. The results are what you might see in these images (which is not a coffee we bought, but you can probably find all these defects in a Yemen we do offer, honestly). -Tom

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