yes, another wide variety of new arrivals (five)

We have a wide-ranging and eclectic mix of new arrivals today. From South America we have a new lot of Colombia Tolima -Finca Las Florestales a family farm of Maximino Gutierrez and his brothers. (I am headed to Colombia next week, but visiting Florestales is impossible - the area has too many FARC guerilla camps!) We have yet another great Kenya, and this is the first-ever Fair Trade lot we have been able to buy with a fantastic cup: Kenya FT Peaberry - Kiawamururu from the Nyeri District. We bought Kiawamururu (what a tongue twister of a name) in the past, and this lot rates with the best. Our last Kona of the year is in, Hawaii Kona -Moki's Farm. We chose to run out of Kona in summer, and the Moki's is running a bit late this year since there were drying problems early in the crop. We have a nice, new crop Mexico FTO Oaxaca WP Decaf. And you really need to read the story behind Panama Guyami Indian Robusta Rustico. It's the only coffee I have known to be sent to the coffee mill on a public bus! It's the only coffee I know that is "river-processed" in canvas bags. Not for everyone, but it can actually be brewed in a French Press and make a potent cup.

Wow, that's an incredible

Wow, that's an incredible story about the Robusto Rustico! Almost seems like Indiana Jones could fit in there somewhere. ;-)

The only Robusto I've ever tried was brought over from India by some of the programmers I work with. It was very finely ground and because I normally drink my coffee black, didn't like the taste. They told me they normally brew it in a pan on the stove with milk and that it tastes much better that way.