Six New Coffees

Costa Rica Tarrazu - Montanas Del Diamante is a solid cup with toasted nut, sugar and milk chocolate.

Panama Esmeralda Gesha is back with the expected floral qualities alongside ripe melon, passion fruit, and subtle coriander hints.

Congo Kivu Bukavu-Beni is a very different cup more akin to a Lintong coffee with rustic earthiness, undeniable sweetness compliments ripe peach, and banana flavors.

Kenya Nyeri Gatomboya AB is packed with blackberry, pineapple, orange, kumquat, and grapefruit; all of these fruit flavors are sweet, not winey or sour.

Kenya Nyeri Ndaro-ini AB is very juicy with a wonderful graham cracker sweetness, concord grape, and apple flavors.

Sumatra Aceh Mandheling with layered chocolate roast taste, fruited sweetness and thick body.