Talkin' Dirty (Brewers)

We’ve been revisiting the importance of keeping your brewing equipment clean.  The residues and oils that naturally build up can taint your coffee and if they’re left unchecked for too long can ruin your brewing equipment.  A regular equipment cleaning is inexpensive and a necessary part of the process of brewing great coffee.  Mineral buildup can cause electric coffee makers to brew at a lower temperature, out of the recommended 195-205° range.  We sell a few types of cleaners so we decided to do tests, with before and after shots, of brewing equipment.  All the tests soaked in the cleaner for a few hours, some more than others depending on how dirty they were!  


The project started because one of our employees took home some Urnex TABZ to clean an old glass Hario, and the difference was dramatic.


                     before                                                     after



We found an old style Technivorm carafe that was in need of a heavy cleaning. We also used our Plastic Bristle Brush to help clean the inside, as we do with our carafes for the office technivorm on a regular basis.


                     before                                                     after


We also cleaned a very dirty Clever Coffee Dripper, that had coffee grounds and a filter sitting it in, with Cafiza.  It’s important to keep the gasket and stopper clean, it’s one of the main problems we see with folks who don’t clean their Clevers on a regular basis.