Product Guide: Paperless Brewing

Metal coffee filters are good for different reasons. Some coffee drinkers want a little more body/sediment in their cup. Some people are just trying to use less paper. Whatever the reason, there are pros and cons to using these.



-Your environmental impact is reduced each time you don't use a paper filter

-They can last for a long time, although thin steel and gold may require a little more TLC

-If you like more body, metal filters will let a little more sediment pass through (a little less than a French press)



-If you hate sediment, even a very coarse grind will not eliminate some fines at the bottom of your cup

-You have to keep them clean to keep old coffee oils and particles getting into your next brew



The Disk & Kone

        Disk                                                                Kone

 Able Brewing is a great company that produces well-built products. They make the Disk filter for Aeropress and the Kone for Chemex brewers both of which are made in the USA. The Disk makes using the Aeropress easy since it always lives in the filter holder when not in use. The Kone was developed to work with the Chemex line of brewers but we have discovered it can be put to use in almost any conical dripper. In a pinch and with a little finesse, you can even brew without a dripper, directly into your mug (as long as your mug is tall and wide enough).


Cilio Gold Filter


The Cilio gold #4 filter is a welcome addition to your Clever Coffee Dripper or whatever #4 sized dripper you like to use. You may want to be a little more gentle with this filter since gold is a lot softer than steel.


 Bodum Poly/Stainless Steel Filterscreen