Rwanda Butare-Bufcafe Washing Station Improvements

These images show improvements to the washing station (i.e. the wet-processing coffee mill) that our Rwanda Butare Bourbon comes from. Donations and additional funds from better price for the green coffee paid for these improvements, which will them improve the coffee quality, and hence increase the price ... at least in an ideal world. Hey, we live in that world, and are paying above-fair-trade prices for such lots. These were forwarded to me from Tim at Volcafe as part of a report on this project, and we have already arranged for a microlot from this mill for next year.

New cistern at the Gkongoro washing station

Water tank to clean water after milling

Washing channels to remove "floaters" (immature, underdeveloped coffee seeds) from the coffee

A view of the fermentation tanks (on the right) and the raised beds for drying the parchment coffee after the mucilage is fermented and washed off.

A collection box for stream water diversion before entering the coffee wet mill.