The real Buna Arabica

Coffee is harvested rather quickly upom ripening (or sometimes too early, I hate to say), because it will be stolen from the trees otherwise. Coffee is primarily Typica, with Bourbon, Arusha and Caturra as well. We saw some Mundo Novo. . Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea. Sweet Maria's

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This is an amazing and educational travelog.  Betel nut (or properly areca nut) does not by itself turn your teeth red.  It is chewed with proper Betel leaf, which grows on a vine.  This is smeared lightly with lime (not the fruit)  This alkalinizes the leaf and the medium in which the nut pieces are chewed.  This alkalinity facilitates the release of arecholine from the areca (betel) nut.  This arecholine is a mild stimulant and also acts as a vermifuge, helping expel worms from the intestines.  To this whole mixture is very frequently added tobacco, enhancing the buzz and also making for darker staining of the teeth. 

Keep up the good work, and keep these pictured and narrative travel accounts coming.  Norris Childs    PS.  as this Lyrica coffee is presumably somewhat different from  Arabica and Robusta, any hope of ever getting Indian Anokhi back???