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Progress on our new warehouse

May 25, 2016

Construction on our new location is coming along and we expect to move in sometime early this summer. Concrete flooring is in. Walls are in (mostly) and we are enjoying how expansive the warehouse space looks for now. Once we move in our storage racks and thousands of pounds of coffee it won't feel as spacious.


Six Under Six

May 19, 2016

We have been actively searching for coffees that score well and have a moderate price, so our offerings are diverse not only in taste attributes, but in cost. Of course, we don't aim low: our standard for taste quality is not flexible on the low end, and we won't ever change that. But finding a well-priced coffee, where the farmer gets their premium and the cup is good, is a win-win for everyone.

Here we compiled a list of six....

Suyatal makes a great "daily drinking" coffee, showing balanced levels of sweetness and acidity. Malt sugar and roasted nut tones give way to cocoa nib-like finish, and with a low, but structuring, acidity. Good for espresso.
Caramel and lactic sweetness come off like 'flan' cake, with a sachet of baking spice notes, and juicy pink grapefruit in light roasts. Bracing citric acidity ties cup notes together. Incredible as espresso.
Raw sugar to sorghum syrup, with tart blackberry juice and cedar chips. Big sweetness with inky body, roasted cacao and grape tones in deeper roasts.
A cup with brooding sweetness, raw sugar flavors balancing Baker's cocoa tones. Peach tea and mild citrus accent the cup, and Full City develops a rich cacao bar flavor.
The profile boasts pungent molasses, pipe tobacco leaves, rustic earth tones, and cooked rhubarb. Impressive body carries bittersweetness long in the aftertaste.
Rustic fruits and cocoa...

Burundi Coffees - Side by Side

May 5, 2016

Looking to get some dynamic, fruited, berry notes into your next order? Consider some of our Burundi coffees. We have four in stock now that are very enjoyable. As usual, we suggest judging these coffees more by their descriptions and less by their scores. These coffees are versitile in the roaster so feel free to roast them light for those brighter, delicate notes or go a bit darker for richer flavors. Bubanza Ngara, Businga Maruri and Kayana Mpemba are great for espresso as well as drip brewing. Mutambu Rubanda has lighter citrusy, graham cracker notes and has nice creme brûlée aroma. Click here to read more about them.


Lost and Found Coffee: May 2016

May 4, 2016

Your favorite coffee from Sweet Maria’s is a seasonal crop and will one day in the next few months (brace yourself) go out of stock until next season’s crop arrives. It happens all the time, with all coffees. By the time you read this, it may have already happened and that coffee you really love may have already run out. As you wait for your favorite to possibly return next season, consider this a good time to try new coffees with similar flavors and characteristics.

Here's a few that we recently ran out of, and a few recommendations/replacements that we think you will enjoy.



Coffee Break

Apr. 22, 2016

Earlier this week, our entire staff took a break to taste and compare some coffee. We drink a lot of coffee on a daily basis but usually do so in a blur of hustle and multi-tasking, so it was nice to stop and have a conversation about what we are drinking. It was also a great opportunity for some of our newer team members to learn about how different wet and dry processed coffees can taste. Dan and Tom stepped away from their cupping table and shared some insights on how these coffees are processed. We compared the bodied, jammy, berry notes of Ethiopia Dry Process Wollega Leka Wato to the lime and graham cracker notes of Ethiopia Gedeo Zone Gedeb Asasa.

Click here to read about Ethiopia as a coffee origin and here to see our current list of eight, great Ethiopia offerings.