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Sweet Maria's Product Guide: Coffee Storage

Jan. 18, 2017

We have several different options for storing your coffee, whether it’s green or roasted. Green coffee is much more shelf-stable than roasted coffee. There’s a bit of a trick to storing roasted coffee, because it needs to release CO2, but also stay away from oxygen. We carry a couple storage options with one-way valves that let CO2 out and keep oxygen from coming in.


Roasted Coffee Storage

Valve Bags...

Product Guide: Roasting Accessories

Dec 15, 2016

Once you own a coffee roaster, you probably don't need to buy much more in regards to equipment. A lot of the accessories you will need are probably in your kitchen already. If not, we have you covered.




Product Guide: Starter Kits

Dec 12, 2016

You only need a few items to start roasting your own coffee but factors like budget, batch size and where you will be roasting can determine a lot in regards to what those items will be.  Our Starter Kits give you everthing you need to get get started. All you need to do is determine if you want to get started with a stovetop roaster, an air roaster or a drum roaster. Oh, by the way, our Starter Kits aren't just for beginners. Getting one can also be the perfect way to upgrade or add on to your current roasting setup.


Stovetop Roasting Starter Kit...

Product Guide: Sample Sets - New Additions

Dec. 8, 2016

Over the past month, we have added three exciting new Sample Sets.

Sample Sets are great for both beginners and experienced roasters. They are also perfect for those with indecisive tendencies since they are very convenient to order. I mean, all those coffees on our list sound great but you gotta make up your mind at some point, right?


20 lb "XL" Africa Sample Set...

Product Guide: Electric Grinders

Dec 1, 2016

When shopping for an electric grinder, it's important to choose one that fits your needs. The most expensive one might not be the best one for you and vice versa. Consider if you are making espresso, brewed coffee or both. How much counter space can you spare? An espresso grinder will cost  you a lot more than one that only grinds for brewed coffee but in the end you will be happier investing in the right equipment. You will be reminded of your investment every time you take a sip of that coffee that you made "perfect".


Baratza Grinders ...