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How I brew coffee at home  by Maria


Basically,  I don’t make coffee at home.  I usually drink green tea


"The reasons are simple:

1) I like good coffee.

2) I am sloppy about measuring and brew time, and this invariably means a sub-par cup.

3) Despite running a coffee business, I do not usually have fresh coffee at home, and I don’t want to brew something old.

4) Going out for coffee is risky. Even if I pay $4 a cup (which is sort of ridiculous), I am unsure of the quality I will get, if it is even drinkable.

I know that brewing good green tea can be tricky too - paying attention to brew temperature and infusion time. I make it on the weak side so I don’t have to measure precisely and try to stop the infusion after 2 to 3 minutes.  Green tea is more shelf stable than roasted coffee so I don’t worry too much about freshness, and I use the simplest device possible - a stainless steel infusion basket. I have experimented a bit with green teas. but right now I am drinking a straight-forward gunpowder loose green, mostly cooled to room temperature or iced.



 So I generally only drink coffee at work, and there we use a Technivorm auto-drip. That is simple enough,  and simpler still, there is usually someone else there happy to make it for me. I am very lucky that way. I generally drink at most a cup and a half of coffee a day, most days much less than that. And nothing after 3 pm since I like to sleep.     

- Maria Troy is Co-Owner of Sweet Maria's Coffee


If you are wondering where we got that cool double wall glass mug, it came with the Bruer cold brew coffee maker that we use in the office when it's hot and our crew wants iced coffee. If you want something similar, check out glass Bodum mugs we sell.