Just Roasted - Mexico & Colombia "drinking coffees"

August 20, 2014

I define a drinking coffee as a well balanced coffee that is suited for drinking everyday. A drinking coffee is not a middle of the road, mediocre kind of coffee, but one that has the comforts most people can enjoy at anytime. A coffee that does not have too much bright acidity, or that begs for a heavy roast. Sometimes you want to call upon a coffee for a specifically defined taste characteristic (acidity notes, bouquet , fruit, etc.), and other times you just want a nice comforting well rounded coffee to stimulate your mind. I bring you these two great "drinking coffees" for this bi-weekly roasted coffee pairing

Mexico Org. Oaxaca La Lagunilla Cooperative

Clean, fresh, nice bodied cup with peanut up front. At a City+ roast I worked toward maintaining the nuttiness, tobacco qualities while holding on to the acidity to balance it out. 

Colombia Timana de Huila

Full of vanilla and sweet sugars. This Colombia was also taken to a City+ roast and really shines here. The body you can expect from a Colombia and a nice refreshing crisp quality as it cools. Sweetness surrounds this cup both hot and as it cools. 

Side note:

Both of these coffees were taken to a City+ roast but they look different in color and texture. The Mexico Org. Oaxaca La Lagunilla Cooperative is grown at a lower altitude that results in a softer, less dense bean. If you compare the texture of these two coffees you can also see a big difference here due to the altitude. In the taste test between these two drinking coffees, you will notice more acidity in the Colombia Taimana de Huila, which results in higher grown, dense coffee. :) 


-Danny Goot


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