ROASTED COFFEE SUBSCRIBERS! Ethiopia Sidama Dereje Station / Congo Kivu Bukavu-Beni

Two African coffees with completely different cup profiles are coming your way... 
Congo Kivu Bukavu-Beni - Full City
I roasted this coffee to a Full City to showcase it's charming earthiness and tobacco essence. The body is hearty with a milk chocolate mouth feel and a touch of roughness for those that enjoy Sumatra characteristics. A very comforting coffee to brew with your favorite desert. 
Ethiopia Sidama Dereje Station - City
This selections was roasted to a City roast to keep the complexity of all the fruit notes and citrus sweetness. The nose of this brew is full of fresh tangerine and citrus fruits. Brewed with the Trifecta we have in our lab, it held up all of its sugary notes and fresh clean acidity. 
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