Sweet Maria's Roasted Coffee: Brazil Dry-Process Conquista & Costa Rica Helsar - Manual "Macho" Arce

We have highlighted two coffees here with different processing, acidity levels and distinct roast profiles. What we have come to realize is that most of our roast levels in the past have not featured anything too far past a City+ or just at the very beginning of Full City. So, we thought we would present one of these coffees on the more developed end of the spectrum.
Dry-processed coffees from Brazil are known for their low acidity and full body. We chose Brazil Dry-Process Conquista Farm for it's great representation as a naturally processed coffee with a Full City roast. As you may have noticed, there is a little oil present and was fully intentional. This coffee is so sweet at a full city roast that we wanted to take it a little further than our usual lighter roasts. In the other bag you have our Costa Rica Helsar - Manual "Macho" Arce. A city+ roast represented here was able to keep the nice sweet sugar while building on the body this coffee has to offer. Although this coffee does well at different roast levels, we felt that a City+ would let all of it shine through.
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