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National Cold Brew Day

April 20, 2016

We were lurking on Twitter and heard that April 20th was National Cold Brew day. Since we are so focused on bringing you really good green coffee, cold brew is something we have little experience in, but figured we could contribute to this national day of celebration with some archived cold coffee articles. If you were wondering, we aren't taking the day off.



Excited About Concrete

April 18, 2016

As you may know, Sweet Maria's Coffee is moving locations. We look forward to a larger warehouse, more space to hold events and an actual retail environment.  We aren't moving far away...just a few blocks up the street . We aren't sure exactly when it will take place but we are hoping to start hauling coffees bags and plugging in our computers some time this summer.


Lost and Found Coffee

April 14, 2016

Your favorite coffee from Sweet Maria’s is a seasonal crop and will one day in the next few months (brace yourself) go out of stock until next season’s crop arrives. It happens all the time, with all coffees. If you come across a single origin coffee that is available all year, the company offering it probably got a good deal, bought too much of it and is selling old coffee at a low price. As you wait for your favorite to return, consider this a good time to try new coffees with similar flavors and characteristics.

Here's a few that we recently ran out of, and a few recommendations/replacements that we think you will enjoy. It would have been too easy to suggest replacements from the same countries, so in the spirit of adventure we did our best to recommend coffees from other places that still have characteristics in common with your long lost favorite.



Your guide to our Congo trio

April 6, 2016

We wanted to spotlight our trio of Congo offerings a bit. Sure, you could just look at them on our Congo offerings page, but we thought it would be fun to compare them side by side. We think these are excellent crossover coffees if you enjoy both sweet African  and thick-bodied Indonesian coffees. They are very flexible in regards to roast levels so feel free to keep them light for those lighter fruited notes or roast darker if you are into heavier, earthy flavors.

Congo Bweremana - Tufadike Cooperative

Congo Kivu Kalehe Cooperative

Congo Kivu Nyirigongo Station

Origin Sample Set - East African 8-pack


Out with the new, in with the newer!

April 5, 2015

In relation to other coffee-producing origins, Colombia stands out in that coffee is being harvested practically year-round. Most other origins we buy from tend to have a single harvest lasting a couple of months. This means that after all the coffee's been picked, there will be nothing fresh to be found for the better part of the year. Not the case in Colombia, where a wide range of micro-climates and close proximity to the equator make for a seemingly steady stream of fresh green.

Two regions in particular that we buy from, Urrao, Antioquia in the north, and Inzá, Cauca in the south, get an incredible amount of annual precipitation. This may make drying coffee outdoors on open patios dicey at best (one of several reasons covered beds are used - "parabolicos"), but it also lends to regular flowering coffee trees and healthy harvests. Both regions have the equivalent of two "main" harvests, and in the case of Urrao, there are several mini-harvests in between.