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Podcast: Coffee Cultivation in Colombia PART 1

Nov. 12, 2015

PART 1 of 2

"This first part deals with cultivation temperatures for arabica in a warming climate. This isn't really a podcast. It's a recorded Skype conversation. The quality is pretty low. But if you are dying to know details of the issues facing coffee farmers in Colombia, there's some nuggets of wisdom in here (if you can hear them over the car alarm in the background, ha ha).  Leonardo Henao occupies a unique position to discuss Colombian coffee. He has training in agronomy and business, works with many small farmers around the country to source and export their coffee, is a confident cupper and roaster, and now is planting a farm in the Urrao area of Antioquia with unique (and technically forbidden) varieties of coffee like Moka, old Caturra, Gesha and Bourbon.  For most, this is dull stuff. Not for me, and maybe not for you."  -Tom

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This Week's Fresh Roasted Coffee from Burundi, Colombia, Rwanda and our Liquid Amber Blend

Nov. 12, 2015

1Lb bags. Roasted on 11/10/2015.

Roasted Burundi Kibande Ruyaga - from Burundi's Muyinga province.  A nice citrus acidity and great caramel, honey sweetness. City roast level.

Roasted Colombia Huila Caficultor Perfil - from producers in the Timana region of Huila. Flavors similar to cherry, raisin, and chocolate with a honey/raw sugar sweetness. City+ roast level.

Roasted Espresso Single Origin Rwanda Mutovu - Flavors like mulling spice, caramel, and cocoa. Full City +roast level.

Sweet Maria's Roasted Espresso Liquid Amber -  Rustic sweetness, spice, savory notes, long aftertaste. Fully City + roast level.



Sweet Maria's Got a Brand New Bag

Nov. 11, 2015

For years, we have been packaging our roasted coffee in valve bags with a gold, metallic back and a clear plastic front. Our tastes have changed and we decided to ship our roasted coffee in new white, opaque bags with a metallic lining. The barrier is just as good but gone is the floor-to-ceiling window that was great to view roasted coffee through. The trade off is that a totally opaque bag blocks out light. Light is one of the major enemies of coffee freshness so having you coffee live in darkness is a good thing. The zipper seal works great, the valve keeps out oxygen and the heat-sealed opening assures that you won't have a coffee blow-out when USPS uses your mail as a step stool....

Kenya Postcards

Nov. 5, 2015

If you have received an order from us in the recent weeks, it probably included one of our Kenya postcards with a collage of Tom's great photos on the front and on the back, a brief history how Tom began buying Kenyan coffee along with an explanation of why we don't use auction numbers as coffee titles anymore.


Here's the front....

Three Great Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

For years, our home roasting starter kits have been a very popular way for our customers to start roasting their own coffee. We wanted to offer the same convenience for your home coffee brewing. Here's a few kits that that we think will make brewing coffee a lot more enjoyable.