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7/24 Roasted Coffee Subscription - Guatemala Candelaria Lote Venecia & Costa Rica Los Crestones Finca Alaska

July 24, 2015

This time around we roasted two exceptional coffees from Central America. The Guatemala Candelaria Lote Venecia which is a wet processed coffee and the Costa Rica Los Crestones Finca Alaska which is technically a honey processed coffee though the layer of mucilage from the coffee fruit that is left on the bean is very thin.

The Guatemala Candelaria Lote Venecia is a well balanced coffee. Being a wet processed coffee, it has a brighter and clearer acidity that I think tastes like apple. It also has a light flavor of sweet grain. It reminds me a bit of a sweet Oolong tea with a twist of lemon.

The Costa Rica Los Crestones Finca Alaska has a milder and smoother acidity and that is a product of the honey processing. It has a bit more pronounced fruit note a bit like plum, which is another result of the honey processing. The mouthful is more viscous and the sweetness also comes across more syrupy, like honey or caramel.

We roasted two espresso blends as well the Monkey blend and New Classic Blend.


New Coffee from Kenya and Laos

July 24, 2015

Kenya Nyeri Hill AA - has bright and tart notes of orange or grapefruit juice. As it cools, sugar sweetness builds with caramel and candied citrus peel. Cookie-like flavors are sensed up-front.  Flavor notes unfold as the temperature dips, and the finish is suffused with faint citrus and berry notes. This is one of our more bodied Kenyas, and is a great candidate for Kenya espresso.

Laos Paksong Hills - is Brazil-like in many ways. Flavors of raw sugars and walnut play off each other and are held together by a mild, tea-like acidity. Sweetness is bumped up a notch as the cup cools, and the coffee finishes with faint notes of cacao nib and raw tobacco off in the distance.

New Coffee from Colombia, Guatemala & Yemen

July 22, 2015
Colombia Organic Planadas Montalvo - Apple, red berry, and nectarine flavors are prevalent in the cup with distinct blackberry and tropical notes. Sweet and bitter notes mesh well across the roast spectrum, and the underlying raw sugar sweetness supports the fruit-forward nature of the cup.
Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo - Apple and plum highlights accompanied by a blueberry/retronasal-like response are found in the cup. Complex and fruited notes go from bright and tea-like in light roasts to chocolate and fruit juice-like in darker roasts with chocolate syrup flavor in the finish. Dark roasts make great SO espresso -  viscous and chocolatey sweet, with tart berry accents up-front.
Yemen Moka Bani Matar - The cup is intense, complex and bewildering to describe! This Matari has a loamy soil aspect, with a beefy, thick body and very low acidity. As it cools, there is cola nut and dark cocoa, some dark blackberry peeking through with a fresh, buttery quality in taste and mouthfeel. The finish has a chocolate bittersweetness that pleasantly lingers. Aromatics will really develop at 72+ hours after roasting. This is even more true for espresso. As Single Origin (SO) espresso, it is very dense: similar to 70% bittersweet chocolate.

A Duo of New Brazilians

July 20, 2015

Brazil Araponga -Fazenda Serra do Bone - offers the sweetness of light brown sugar that is countered by the pleasant bittering flavor of cocoa nibs. The orange-like brightness is just a footnote to these powerful roast flavors, forming a classic Brazilian taste profile. Rustic sweetness intensifies as the cup cools. This is a nice selection for Single Origin espresso shots as well.

Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda Cachoeira Alta - The brewed coffee has a heavy body, and this viscous nature adds heft to sweet fruit notes throughout the cooling cup. It's a rustic coffee, with much in the way pectin sugar and fruited notes with date sugar, dried pineapple, dried fig, and dark plum. It's a complex cup, and refined one too, putting this Brazil into a league of it's own. We recommend City+ roasts will cup great and roasting darker than Full City will work great as an S.O. espresso.

Here's Five New Coffees

July 10, 2015

  • Cameroon Mifi Bamboutos Mountain - has pleasant body with brown sugar sweetness and roasted barley notes. A nice savory-sweet mix of baked sweet yam and raw sugar is furnished as it cools. Nutmeg-spiced finish.


  • Colombia Finca Monte Verde Gesha - has a weighty mouthfeel, like apple juice, and refreshing acidity that adds to the tactile impression. It's truly a refreshing cup with a whole host of fruit notes with 'tea' flavors. This coffee is clean as they come, brisk like the flavors found in the cup, and the finish coming to a point.


  • El Salvador Finca Matalapa Guayabo - has a chocolatey thickness that is like dark chocolate torte, along with a bittering cacao flavor and hints of roasted almond and pistachio. This is a classic mild Central American coffee profile.


  • Ethiopia Dry Process Yirg Adado Sulula - has dried blueberry notes, as in blueberry granola. Initial cocoa nib flavor passes into the complex sweetness of raw demerara sugar. Dried apricots assert themselves, with suggestions of mango as well. We find this coffee to really bloom in aromatics with a long post-roast rest of 2-3 days.


  • Ethiopia Dry Process Yirg Buufata Konga - is top-loaded with fruit notes of peach jam, chocolate-dipped strawberry, and lychee hints, accented by sweet spices cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. It's a well-bodied cup, which carries a sweetness of date sugar and molasses long in the aftertastes. This is a coffee that will keep the descriptive adjectives rolling!