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New coffees: Yemen Ismaili, Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu, Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde

http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/YemenMokhaIsmaili2009.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/CostaRicaSanMarcosTarrazu2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/GuatemalaAntiguaPuertaVerdeBourbon2010.jpg Check out our great new coffees! : Yemen Mokha Ismaili, Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu, and Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde Bourbon. Let's start with the eagerly anticipated Yemen Mokha Ismaili. This coffee is limited to 5-lb because of the dwindling lot size but expect a huge variety of complexity in flavor profile with caramel, spice, and even leather in the taste. Try this at a range of roasts or as a step (mixed roast) blend for the full story. Next up is Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu, a very fine micro-lot that should be kept at a light roast to bring out the origin tastes. Look for soft chocolate, sweet honey, and a slight citric aftertaste in this exceptional Central. Last on the docket is the Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde Bourbon. What flavors lie behind the 'Puerta Verde?"… look for classic Bourbon qualities with balanced brightness, creamy body and juicy mouthfeel. Check out the dark berry flavors at darker roasts too!

Roast Coffee Pairing #42: Guatemala Love-In

Are you loving our Guatemalan offerings as much as us?  We are roasting two exceptional Guatemalan coffees that you can compare and enjoy. First up is a classic Guatemalan cup in the Bourbon Finca San Diego Buena Vista. Look for the balanced body and syrup tones from this classic profile. Contrast that against the Finca La Bella JBM Cultivar, an unorthodox Jamaican Blue seed stock preparation grown in Guatemala. Look for a pronounced milk chocolate taste and a bit of acidity in the cup. After tasting them side by side on the cupping table the Buena Vista has a nice bright snap with a light finish, while the JBM is a bit more rounded with apple skins and apricot and the aforementioned chocolate tones.  The Bourbon SDBV was roasted to City+ final temp. 425 degrees, and the JBM to Full City final temp. 430.

Moka Kadir is back! also... Mexico Triunfo Chiapas,Ethiopia Kochere,Kenya Kainamui Kirinyaga

http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/MexicoFTOChiapasReservaElTriunfo2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/SweetMariasMokaKadirBlend2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/EthiopiaYirgaCheffeKochere.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/KenyaAAKainamuiKirinyaga2010.jpg Added four exciting coffees today: Mexico FTO Chiapas- Reserva El Triunfo, Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend, Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kochere, and Kenya AA Kainamui Kirinyaga. Tom has sourced a great Chiapas coffee to rival our other great Central American offerings. Check out the Mexico FTO Chiapas- Reserva El Triunfo with an apple-like brightness and vanilla aroma. Simple and sweet, with a light body. Next is the return of the popular Moka Kadir Blend. We now have proper blending components to bring the fruit and chocolate tastes out in this versatile blend; roast light for drip coffee or darker for espresso. Up next is the Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Kochere WP with raw sugar, coffee cherry fruit, and a hint of spice in the profile. This is a great candidate for summertime iced coffee. Last up is the Kenya AA Kainamui Kirinyaga with pronounced syrupy sweetness and bold brightness. It's a real powerhouse, a brutish Kenya. Is this the top Kenya of the year? Check out the full reviews!

Drinking vs. Tasting

I come back to this thought very often, the difference between tasting or cupping coffee and drinking it.  I spend most of my time cupping, really thinking about what I am tasting, holding the coffee in my mouth and thinking about what makes it unique.  Sometimes, rarely, I just drink it. That is probably the opposite of what most folks do!  I thought I would post a link to this You Tube video again - Drinking Coffee vs. Tasting Coffee I made and posted that video over a year ago - but it is a crucial point that I think of over and over again. -  Tom

Gesha Is Here!!! New coffees:Gesha Mario Carnaval, Panama Carmen DP, & Salvador Siberia Pacamara

http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/PanamaEsmeraldaGeshaMarioCarnavalLot2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/PanamaCarmenSieteDiasdeBellota2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/ElSalvadorSiberiaEstatePacamara2010.jpg Three new coffees, including a Gesha arrival! Panama Esmeralda Gesha -Mario Carnaval Lot , Panama Carmen "Siete Dias de Bellota" , and El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara We'll start off with Panama Esmeralda Gesha -Mario Carnaval Lot. We are limiting sales to 1-lb so everyone gets to try this special coffee. Keep the roast light and remove the quakers for a berry mix profile and jasmine accents. Next up we'd like to announce the Panama Carmen "Siete Dias de Bellota", another atypical Panama that has been dry-processed producing almond, and dried fruit tastes in the cup. DP Ethiopian fans should make note. Next up is a more traditional Central with El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara. This large-bean has a brown sugar taste and juicy fruits flavor profile and takes a wide range of roasts. .. With our new review format, Tom will be adding more details about the particular farm alongside cupping notes so make sure to click-through to the full descriptions.