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Change to Fresh Roast Recommendation

When we first started selling the Fresh Roast SR 300 and SR 500, we recommended a certain technique for an even roast; namely, to remove  the chaff collector  and stir the coffee during the initial stages of the roast when the beans are heaviest.  It turns out that this results in an inordinate amount of chaff getting sucked back into the base of the roaster (because the fan is drawing in air to cool the roaster) and over time it chokes the unit.  Eventually the unit will no longer get hot and the chaff in the base presents a fire hazard. So we have modified our recommendation and suggest you do what Tim Skaling of Fresh Beans does to get an even roast: Run the machine for 1 minute with beans, then hit the COOL button for 30 seconds. Then turn the machine back on to finish the roast. With very dense beans, use the COOL cycle twice during the roast sequence. If you do remove the chaff collector during the roast, be sure to replace it as soon as possible.  You might also want to open the base of the unit from time to time and vacuum out any chaff that has found its way inside (sort of a good idea with any machine). We have updated the annotations on the YouTube videos too on our Fresh Roast Details page.

Two special limited offerings: Ecuador and Brazil

We have a very limited quantity of both of these unique South American coffees to add for the weekend: Brazil Daterra Farms - Sweet Blue,  and Ecuador El Guabo -Teofilo Jimenez Microlot. Brazil Daterra Farms - Sweet Blue is a new offering (from a familiar farm) for Sweet Maria's, a tad sweeter than the Sweet Yellow with wonderful bittering notes balancing a mild blueberry. Limit 2 lbs.  Ecuador El Guabo - Teofilo Jimenez Microlot is one of the most amazing Ecuador lots we've come across, hopefully a sign of things to come in the future as we continue to work with small producers in this country.  This lot features true "Typica" character with floral sweetness and ripe orange notes--limit 1 lb. Have a great weekend!

Roast Coffee Pairing #41: South American Slugfest

For this pairing we are roasting two great coffees from South America:  Brazil Joao de Campos Yellow Catuai and Colombia – Los Chuchos de Tolima.  Both were roasted to Full City with a touch less roast on the Colombia to highlight some of the nuances of that lot.  The Los Chuchos lot may be a “mutt” of sorts, but the pedigree is fanstastic.  Tolima consistently produces some of the highest rated coffees we come across and this is no exception, wonderful fruit is balanced with nutmeg notes and a finish reminscent of black tea.  Brazil Joao de Campos offers quite a contrast featuring  caramel and chocolate bittersweetness layered with a lightly fruited tone.  Colombia was roasted to 428 degrees in 15 minutes, and Brazil was roasted to 432 in 15 minutes.

New arrivals: Hawaii Kona Kowali, Sumatra Dolok Sangul, Peru Org Co2 Decaf

http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/HawaiiKonaXFKowaliFarmTypica2009.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/SumatraLintongDolokSanggul2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/PeruFTOCO2Decaf2010.jpg Bonne Fête! It's another new coffee day! Today we are adding some great wet-process coffees. (We will have some more dry-process selections to round out our offerings in a week or so) … Starting off we have the Hawaii Kona -Kowali Farm Typica, … a coffee and farm folks have really enjoyed in years past. Look for a refined sugar sweetness, silky body, and caramel-honey roast tastes. Limit 5-lb per customer please! … Next up is the Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul, another low-acid chocolatey crowd-pleaser from Indonesia. This particular varietal has a spicy black tea accents as well. Lastly we are adding a special process decaf: Peru FTO CO2 Decaf . This was decaffeinated using the C02 technique and the cup is an aggressive pungent cup at dark roasts with a bright and clean fruit note at lighter stages.

New Library Layout

It is probably no surprise  that we have an internal debate here :  the Website Minimalists vs the Website Maximalists. The Minimalists want the website to be streamlined and easy to navigate; the Maximalists want to keep tons of information, even if it pertains to a product that has been discontinued.  Most of you can likely guess which side Tom comes down on (hint: this is the person who comes home from a two-week origin trip with 800 photos!).  But even Tom and I have to admit that articles and photos have piled up over the years in a disorganized way, or more disorganized than even we want. So we re-vamped the Coffee Library page to make information easier to access. More changes will be underway in terms of how we manage the travelogues and make the Tiny Joy back issues available.  No purging, just rearranging the furniture.  Hope you enjoy it. - Maria