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Roast Coffee Pairing #33: Name that Coffee!

So, I know there are millions out there waiting for my roast blog posts (tee hee hee), but I plum forgot about it for the past month or so, here are a few lagging posts. For April Fool's we roasted two different coffees and labeled the bags A and B challenging you to guess which coffees they were. And the answer is:

Coffee A was:

Nicaragua Finca San Jose Java Longberry

Coffee B was:

Sulawesi Wet-Process Toarco Flatbean

Thanks to those who participated in this little contest.  I guess the rest of you just drink whatever we send and hope that it is good!  Well, I personally loved the Sulawesi, my wife and I both were waking up to it every morning for a week solid and never tired of it.  I am so impressed with the washed coffees we get from Sulawesi, they strike the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

Shopping Cart is Up.

Well, the only reason we would say so is that we had an issue for about an hour today, and it is resolved. "The cart threw a PHP error" as Josh would say, but it didn't affect anything except the damn thing wouldn't load the pages, just a white screen. In the course of this, I have learned that Cache is just pronounced "Cash" and not "Cash-Ay", or so insists techie Josh, who also says "wizzywig" and "prosumer" in regular speech. Who am I to argue, being so Web 1.0 and all. -Tom

New arrivals- Colombia Tolima Merediano Microlot,Tanzania Nyatimbo PB,Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar,Ethiopia FTO Shoye Sidamo WP Decaf,Espresso Workshop #11 Tono Alto

http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/ColombiaTolimaMeredianoMicrolot2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/TanzaniaNyamtimboPeaberry2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/SumatraOnanGanjangCultivar2008.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/EthiopiaFTOShoyeSidamoWPDecaf2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/blend_espresso_workshop.jpg It's a new coffee day! We've added a new workshop blend and some interesting arrivals. Read on... First is small but special preparation, the Colombia Tolima Merediano Microlot with strawberry, nectarine, and bittersweet tastes. We are limiting sales as we have a limited supply of this great prep. Next is the spicy Tanzania Nyatimbo Peaberry with a broad mouthfeel, spiced notes, and dark berry in the finish. Most of our Indonesian fans will know and remember Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar, another big bodied, low acidity winner with butterscotch and chocolate in the profile. It's another unique addition to our Indonesian section. We've also added a great coffee that we sent to be decaffeinated... The Ethiopia FTO Shoye Sidamo WP Decaf which hasn't lost it's buttery body or milk chocolate taste in its new decaf form. Last, but not least, is a new workshop edition the Espresso Workshop #11 Tono Alto with floral tones, caramel, and even...

Pour-Over Mania; Hario & Bonmac

The last year has seen a revival of interest in pour-over brewing. The phenomenon seems a bit odd; how can something so old-fashioned be fashionable?  We have offered Chemex and filter cones for years, but there are some interesting new innovations in pour-over brewing. These relatively new products that have generated excitement and interest in manual brewing methods along with the Clever Coffee Dripper we carry; namely the introduction of the Hario V-60 filtercone that has a single large hole at its base. How can a dripper with a gaping hole in the bottom possibly make good coffee? That is what I asked when I first saw the Hario V-60. The answer lies in using a pouring technique, controlling the rate and pattern by which you add the water to the grounds.  There are lots...

New Arrivals Guatemala, Brazil COE and Decaf, Kenya, New Workshop Blend

Happy Tax Day Eve! To help get you through this yearly hassle we are adding some incredible new coffees. First up is Guatemala Finca La Florencia 100% Bourbon a wonderfully balanced Bourbon lot with tangerine brightness and malty caramel. Brazil Cup of Excellence Fazenda Sertaozinho is another amazing winner with nutty tones, hints of honey with a dense mouthfeel and Meyer lemon finish. Brazil Joao de Campos WP Decaf is a very special lot of decaf that you may recognize from our regular green coffee offerings, expect nice pungency, spice, dark chocolate, and versatility for use in espresso blends. Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara Peaberry is like the greatest hits of Kenya coffees from last season all rolled into one lot, concentrated flavors of orange marmalade, apricot jam, black currant, and peach hints. Finally, Espresso Workshop #10 Espresso Profundo brings the intensity with fruit-laced chocolate and interesting pineapple/citrus notes at lighter roast levels, this is one workshop blend that can handle a bit darker roast which brings out dark berry and Sharffen Berger chocolate...