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Say Hello to Seven New Coffees

June 26, 2015

Costa Rica Helsar - Macho Arce - a bright, balanced cup showing subtle complexity as it cools. Dark berry notes, apple pie filling, red honey, and a citrus peel twist.

Costa Rica Chirripo - Finca Jonny - sweet, citrus-like acidity, grape jelly, blackberry and plum juice, and array of fruit tea notes.

Guatemala Acatenango Gesha - Fresh tropical fruits, red punch, herbal and black tea flavors, and brilliant acidity in the cooling cup.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul FC Mendez - a bodied cup, unrefined sugar sweetness, and a mild fruits. In middle roasts look for raw cane juice, toasted almond, apple hints, and malic acidity.

India Arabica Karnataka Kohinoor - Simple syrup sweetness, roasted nut, licorice hints, and a barley tea note.


Roasted Coffee Subscription: Ethiopia Muhrawbi Limu and Burundi Kayanze Mpemba

Thursday June 25th 2015
For this installment of the bi weekly roasted coffee subscription we chose two more coffees from Africa. We have quite a few recent arrivals from Ethiopia, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, and some others too like Uganda and Yemen. I was really happy to roast two of my personal favorites , the Ethiopia Muhrawbi Limu and the Burundi Kayanze Mpemba

I took the Ethiopia Muhrabawi Limu to a City+ level in order to develop more of that simple syrup sweetness but still preserve the acidity. Their is a nice flavor of stone fruit like a white peach as well as a hint of citrus. There is also an interesting floral aroma coming off the cup. The body reminds me of honey graham cookies. Overall this coffee is not as fruited or complex as our other current offerings from Ethiopia. Still a great coffee though and more similar to some of our coffees from Rwanda and Burundi.

Speaking of Burundi, I also roasted my favorite of our coffees from Burundi this year, the Kayanza Mpemba. This coffee is...

Our site will be down for an hour this week

June 23, 2015

We have some great changes lined up. We are planning on adding some improvements to sweetmarias.com tomorrow. Look forward to a nicer layout for coffee and products along with an easier, more secure check out.

There's a popular saying about having to break some eggs to make an omelet, and this couldn't be more true as we launch our new web features. Well, we won't be breaking anything but we may cause you a little inconvenience while we are down and changing things around behind the scenes.

Our site will be down for about an hour between sometime before Friday night (June 26)

After the change:

If you have an account saved on our site, you will have to reset your password. Just click on "forgot password" when logging in to reset it.

If you are using a gift certificate, please email us at info@sweetmarias.com after placing your order to apply your credit.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Eight New Coffees

July 19, 2015

Colombia Timana Dos Cafetales - a complex cup with tropical punch, berry jam and citrus accents.

Colombia Timana Finca La Colina - a clean, fruited cup with apple, peach, cinnamon and apricot hints.

Guatemala Antigua Pulcal Inteligente - Honey and caramelized sugar, ripe plum, pineapple, blackberry, Asian pear, and elegant acidity.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Rosma - high levels of fruit, sweetness and acidity with  grape, plum and apple notes.

Mexico Organic Jaltenango SWP Decaf - a low-acid, balanced cup with notes of brown sugar, roasted nut, hints of black tea and dried fig

Tanzania Igawa-Mbeya SWP Decaf - developed sweetness from start to finish, boasting honey, brown sugar, and fruited top notes. Good for espresso.

Brazil Carmo de Minas SWP Decaf - molasses sweetness, bittersweet chocolate, and roasted nut. Good for espresso.

Colombia Timana SWP Decaf - white sugar to cane juice - spiced cider and a hint of sweet cocoa. Background notes of rye and barley malt, and clean finish

Behmor Bucks

June 17, 2015

Behmor is getting ready to launch their innovative new product, the Behmor Connected Roaster. It will give the user the ability to control the machine with an app on their smartphone. We haven't had a chance to test one yet but if it works as well as the Behmor Plus and the original Behmor roaster, we think there are going to be a lot of happy coffee roasters out there when this machine hits the market.

So, you are in the market for a new roaster...and you are curious about the Behmor Connected...but don't want to wait around all summer without a cool, new Behmor. Well, Behmor has a new promotion that you should be excited about.

If you buy (or have bought) a Behmor Plus between June 1, 2015 and July 7, 2015, from us or any other authorized dealer, you will receive a $40 credit from Behmor to upgrade your new machine to the Behmor Connected later this year OR free round trip ground shipping if you decide to ship your Behmor Plus to Behmor and have them install the kit for you.