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Getting Close to a Coffee Cherry (Video)

I was shooting cross-section macro images of a coffee cherry from my yard, and thought I would shoot some video too, and explain the coffee cherry parts as best I could: Watch this is HD on youtube for a much better viewing experience...

SCAA Coffee of the Year: Carlos Imbachi Wins Again!

Our Carlos Imbachi coffee (Finca Buenavista, San Augustin, Huila) just won the SCAA Coffee of the Year, AGAIN! I am pretty excited... as you can tell. Here are the results:
  • Overall Point Leader - Score 90.5 Country: Colombia Region: San Agustin, Huila Farm Name: Buenavista
  • Best of Origin - Score 87.375 Country: El Salvador Region: Apaneca/Ilamatapeq Mountain Range Farm Name: El Recuerdo
  • Best of Origin - Score 89.625 Country: Guatemala Region: Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez Farm Name: Puerta Verde
  • Best of Origin - Score 87.563 Country: USA/Hawaii Region: Ka'u Farm Name: The Rising Sun
  • Best of Origin - Score 89.313 Country: Honduras Region: Mogola / Marcala / La Paz Farm Name: La Isabela
  • Best of Origin - Score 89.222 Country: Kenya Region: Nyeri Farm Name: Gichathaini
  • Best of Origin - Score 85.558 Country: Nicaragua Region: Mozonte/Nueva Segovia Farm Name: Un Regalo de Dios
  • Best of Origin - Score 89.125 Country: Panama Region: Boquete Farm Name: Hacienda La Esmeralda
  • Best of Origin - Score 89.2 Country: Perú Region: Puno Farm Name: Tunk
Now, I don't take it too sincerely. After all, we also put Kenya Gakuyu-ini Peaberry in to the COTY and they gave it 75 points! Completely lame. We even recupped it as we have numerous times and it's impossible to give that coffee less that 88 unless you blow the roast on it. Clean cup and acidity gets you over 86 alone. So whatever. But I am excited, and it will be great to take this to Sr. Imbachi next time I visit him... Thanks to Virmax, the exporter, who sent in the Imbachi sample. It is from the same lot that is in transit to Sweet Maria's right now... -Tom

New Shopping Cart-o-mania

Late last week we launched a new shopping cart for Sweet Maria's. The cart has a lot of new features, both on the front end that customers see, and the back end that we work with everyday.  It is the future! And it is good!  The cart is just a few days old, so if you encounter errors or other weird things, let us know, so we can fix them. The new cart will require existing customers to re-create their log in since we were not able to able to transfer that information.   When you create a log in, you will be able to  check the status of your orders, retrieve tracking numbers, view your order history, save items to a wish list, store multiple ship to addresses, and more.  We have a new server set up too that will give us better  speed, reliability and security.  So it is worth it! We will continue to slightly tweak the appearance of the cart as we go forward, and add various features that seem worth while.

Unfancy Chemex Brewing Video

Another poor quality brewing video, with a few good tips. The only revelation here is to use the new Bonmac "pointy tip style" filters with the Chemex. The are made for the Hario type brewer and are a little short in the Chemex, but they leave much less "paper taste" in the cup. -Tom Sorry the video bleeds over the edge on the right. It's the smallest I can make, for some reason. Best to click on the video, go to youtube/sweetmarias and watch in HD.

Maui Moka 11 Screen

Maui Moka 11 Screen, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

Maui Moka 11 Screen next to a Nic Pacamara Natural 17-21 screen. Like
a Chihuahua and a Mastiff together. Are they both really coffee? We are able to roast the Hawaii Ka'anapali DP Maui Moka 11 screen in the Behmor with the Small Grid Drum, however about 5% of the coffee beans escape and it creates much more smoke than a typical roast. If you go this route, be careful and keep an eye on the batch! -Tom