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Fresh Roast SR300 and SR500

At long last we have new air roaster to sell, the Fresh Roast SR300 and SR500. Both are an improvement over the Fresh Roast +8, though imperfect machines.  The units work fine as is, and with a bit of technique  (either stirring the coffee with a spoon or switching to cool to slow the roast) you can get a good even roast.  We have more details on this page and some videos.  Why take these extra steps?  Well, if you have not noticed,  we are sort of perfectionists when it comes to coffee.  We have high standards, and want the coffee our customers drink to be everything it can be,  every bit as wonderful and delicious as what we taste. From our perspective, this is basically the story of home roasting, adapting equipment and techniques to get the results you want.

New arrivals- El Salvador CoE La Montañita Pacamara, Peru Organic Cusco Canelon -Tomas Ovalle, Brazil Moreninha Formosa "Raisin" Coffee

http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/ElSalvadorLaMontanitaPacamara2008.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/PeruCuscoCanelonTomasOvalle2010.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/BrazilMoreninhaFormosaRaisinCoffee2009.jpg We're adding the first three arrivals for '10 today. First off is El Salvador Cup of Excellence La Montañita Pacamara with hints of cinnamon stick, sweet rhubarb and caramel. Second up is the Peru Organic Cusco Canelon -Tomas Ovalle, a balanced full-bodied cup with nut tastes and milk chocolate. Last up is a favorite we've had before, the non-traditional Brazil Moreninha Formosa "Raisin" Coffee. The special drying process here leads to chocolate tastes, a thick body, and a very atypical Brazil profile. As always, click on in and check out the full reviews!

Sorting Coffee in Yirga Cheffe, & other Ethiopia short videos

I uploaded many short videos from my December Ethiopia excursion to youtube recently. Rather than put them together as a longer piece, it seemed nice to leave them as simple, short clips. This is at Michile Union Mill (a Union is a cooperative) and the women are sorting the parchment coffee before it is hulled and the green bean extracted. Here's our general youtube link. And here is a link to the complete Ethiopia photo travelog. -Tom

All shades of red, yellow and green. Shanta Golba Union, Ethiopia

A pretty picture, but horrible selection of coffee cherry. I saw a lot of this in my recent trip to southern Ethiopia. I have a selection of pictures on flickr, and the whole photo set to the SM site -Tom

New arrivals- Kenya Kiambu Nyaga PB, Sumatra FTO Aceh Arinagata, Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza, Papua New Guinea Kimel PB

http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/KenyaKiambuNyagaPeaberry2009.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/SumatraFTOAcehArinagata2009.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/RwandaGkongoroNyarusiza2009.jpghttp://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.analysis.images/PapuaNewGuineaKimelPeaberryDec2009.jpg Four new coffees to end 2009 ! Up first is the Kenya Kiambu Nyaga Peaberry with ripe fruit tastes and a citric accent. Kirinyaga fans should take note. Next up is a new arrival of Sumatra FTO Aceh Arinagata, a favorite in past months for those who like a slightly cleaner Sumatra prep. Look for spice tastes and a marked low acidity. We're also adding Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza, a well-balanced cup with fruit tones and a tea-like aftertaste. Lastly, we finally have the long-awaited Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry in stock. This is a bright Indonesian cup; clean, and well-rounded. Look for apple cider and floral tastes. It's the best PNG we've seen in over a year! Check out the detailed cupping reviews for all of these coffees!