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Roast Coffee Pairing #14: Tasting Varietal Influence Pacamara v. Bourbon

In this pairing, we are offering two coffees that are different varietals, Pacamara and Bourbon. Bourbon is an heirloom Arabica varietal from Reunion Island off the coast of Madagasgar. Pacamara is a more recently developed hybrid. In a thread on the Home Coffee Roasting Forum, Tom has posted with a PDF of an article from the El Salvador Coffee Consejo with more on the origin for both varietals. Besides the differences in the plant itself, how it is grown and where, there is a specifc flavor associated with both these varieties, a profile that can dominate the regional effects,. i.e. Bourbon or Pacamara coffee will tend to taste more like other coffees of the same variety, rather than other varieties grown in the same region. For the El Salvador Siberia Estate Bourbon we targeted somewhere between City+ and Full City.  Final thermaprobe temperature readouts were 436 degrees, with roast times in the 15 minute time frame.   Roasts were taken a bit darker for the El Salvador Montanita Pacamara into the Full City range with final thermoprobe temperatures of 443 degrees and roast times around 15:30 minutes.     In cupping each coffee only a few hours after roasting there are some striking differences in these two varietals grown in the same country. The Bourbon has a bit of the orangey zing Tom mentions in the review and a more mild flavor profile over all.  The Pacamara seems more complex, with definite acidity that puckers the cheeks a bit balanced with more foresty notes.  Generally, we want you to be able to compare these coffees at the same roast level, here the Bourbon is markedly lighter than the Pacamara but I think both are outstanding coffees at these roast levels and the Bourbon in particular has great flavor both lighter and darker than I roasted it today.

New arrivals - Brazil Jacu, Costa Rica, Yemen, new espresso blend

Exciting new adds! First up is the mild return of Brazil Jacu Bird Coffee. It's a "bird-processed" natural Brazil, check out this and the other reviews for the full story. Next is Costa Rica "Cafe Sin Limites", a great Villa Sarchi miel-prep coffee from the farm. This farm has placed #2 in the CoE for the past 2 years. Big buttery mouthfeel with honey notes. Yemen Mokha Ismaili is finally back! Complex with different tastes at different roasts. Try step blending and single-origin espresso, check out Tom's full cupping review. And finally, the latest in our series, Espresso Workshop #5 - The Breccia Blend. Enjoy lemon and berry flavors at a medium roast, this is on the brighter end of the scale.

New Microlot arrivals and a Yirga Cheffe!

New Microlots are in, from Colombia and Costa Rica !  and a Yirg!... Check the full reviews but here are the briefs on these limited offerings: Colombia Finca Buenavista -Carlos Imbachi Microlot: sweetly fruited, floral aroma. Colombia La Esperanza -Isaias Cantillo Osa Microlot: darker fruit tastes, syrupy body. Colombia Los Galpones -Manuel Santacruz Microlot: delicate, grape-like. Subtle and nuanced at a light roast. And it's the return of Costa Rica Organic La Yunta Estate: hints of peaches in syrup, it's a subtle "drinking" coffee."  Lastly, we also have a balanced wet-process African addition, the Ethiopia Mullege Yirga Cheffe: passionfruit, guava, creamy feel. Keep the roast light!

Roasted Espresso is back!

Back by popular demand (sort of)! We are now offering Roasted Espresso again! Some months ago when we introduced our regular roasted "Coffee Pairings" we stopped offering roasted espresso and roasted decaf. We think that the roasted coffee pairings are working out well; and now we are bringing back roasted espresso! We will offer one Espresso Workshop blend and one Standard blend for sale each week. Or maybe it will be a Single Origin espresso, or two Workshop blends - we'll see what strikes us. We plan to roast the coffee and keep it in stock as an inventory item - so you can add the coffee to an existing order and it all ship together. We do have another set of four Coffee Pairings listed now too - so you can order the set, or just one, for the next few weeks.  Maria