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The Kenya Coffee Auction

I had some interesting footage of the Kenya auction, and the amazing sampling room upstairs. Yes, those auction sound effects are real! I did not dub in sound from a '70s PONG video game! -Tom

Coffee Processing (Starting with the Cherry), a video

This is a monologue, quick and easy video done with a flip camera, showing coffee cherry fresh from the tree, and then discussing the resulting processing options; dry-process, pulp natural, wet-process, forced demucilage. It's not that pretty, but some good information. Sorry the background music interferes a little. I was trying to make it a tad more palatable! -Tom NOTE: tried to fix music, so these embeds are new files! Part 1 Part 2

oh boy, a long travelogue on ethiopia - blah, blah, blah

I finished (sorta) a long pictorial and commentary compiled from my travel notes in Ethiopia the past few weeks. There's a few good points in there, and if you have time to kill, check it out.

a kenya travelogue ...

I'm not finished yet. I keep generating material from this recent Africa trip. I was writing some actual commentary this time about both Ethiopia and Kenya. The later portion is done and I think it's worth a read, so click here! ... no .... here!

Maps, Etc

Google Maps Guatemala View Larger Map Colombia View Larger Map Kenya View Larger Map S. Ethiopia; Sidama, Yirga Cheffe View Larger Map E.Ethiopia, Harar View Larger Map N. Sumatra - Lake Toba Area View Larger Map Aceh Sumatra, Lake Tawar Area View Larger Map Sulawesi View Larger Map