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early roast session: el salvador yellow bourbon

since i leave for sumatra and sulawesi on sunday and josh is in europe doing his band thing, we roasted and packed the coffee satruday. the el salvador yellow bourbon is all about body ... incredible body and that classic bourbon balance. the label mentions melon but i get mild citrus hints, moderate acidity, toasty roast notes, nutty in the dry fragrance, sweet, and body, body, body. the puro scuro is right at our target roast, a tad lighter than monkey blend, and way lighter than classic italian. that's why it is truly dual use. costa rica decaf was showing a drop of oil today, but that is deceptive ... the usual decaf hyjinks. it's a city+ roast, but since decafs have already had their structure "compromised" by the decaf process, they can show oil pre-second crack, on occasion. it would indicate a fast roast, sometimes, but i guarantee you i babied it to 430 and finished it very slowly. it's just the way that coffee is...

disappearing post? Tanzania Blackburn and Espresso Guatelope

Hmmm .... I posted about this weeks roasts, the Tanazania Blackburn Estate AA and the special espresso blend I did, Guatelope. But the post seems to have disappeared into the ether. The Tanzania was very juicy, lighter in body than I expected, but appropriately so. You can catch the Kenya-esque hints in there, the dark fruit, berry, black currant, slightly winey, sweet. The Guatelope was a special blend with the focus on flavor and sweetness, not body and mouthfeel. It may seem a little thin, but after 4 days we found it to be pleasantly syrupy. It is 40% El Salvador Mauritania, 40% Guatemala San Jose Ocana and 20% Kenya French Mission Bourbon. So actually it is an all-bourbon blend! We are enjoying it here immensely, pulling shots on the Andreja.

before leaving for Sumatra, a boatload of new coffees!

We have quite a list of new arrivals this week, and since I am headed to Sumatra, I am pushing to get them all listed. From top of the list to the bottom, here they are!

Coincidentally, Perfect Mocha-Java Blend Ingredients!

We added our new arrival of Ethiopia Kembata Grade 4 Dry-Process, a coffee from Southern Ethiopia with peach, tamarind, lemon, spices and chocolate... complex and intense, another great natural Ethiopia lot. We also have our first new crop Indonesia at the warehouse, Java Kajumas Curah Tatal. It's your typical low-acidity, oily body Java except this coffee has sweetness and nuance I haven't seen in Java coffees in recent years. We suspect it is partially from older Typica cultivars. Coincidentally, these two lots make an awesome Mocha-Java blend, 50% of each!

Panama Boquete Golden Peaberry

I was roasting slightly smaller than usual batches of the so-called "Golden Peaberry" (not sure what's golden about it, looks green to me). So I had to be careful with the heat, a bit more gentle in the first 5 minutes of warm-up, and to apply heat more gingerly at the end to avoid rushing the coffee through first crack. It's a classic City+ roast, through first crack and then a bit more, nowhere near second crack, finish temperature of 430 f (2nd starts at 444-446 on our set-up here, as we measure it). I am enjoying the flavors in the cup, but was a little concerned about the presence of a few quakers in the finished roast. I attempted to pull some out, but they should not be there ... shame on the Casa Ruiz mill! I modified the bag label to note this... but in all I am really enjoying the cup, with more body that wet-process Lerida, and interesting nut roast tones in the finish.