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New Postcards...With a Lot of Information About Dry Processing

February 24, 2015

Our Dry Processed cards were just printed and we are starting to include them in outgoing orders. If you follow the arrows around the card, you can track the path that dry processed coffee travels. We posted some really good details about this a little while back...click here to read more.


Clever Coffee Dripper Featured on Slate.com

February 23, 2015

Slate Magazine is a great current affairs/news blog as long as you aren't prone to getting sucked into their time-killing vortex of entertaining features, articles, etc. Slate Picks recently featured the Clever Coffee Dripper as one of their top coffee brewing picks. The writer mentioned that she brews with #2 sized filters which is a great insight since the large Clever can be used with both #2 and #4 filters depending on how much cofffee you are brewing. Thanks Slate!

Click here to read the article.


Roasted Coffee: Rwanda Coffee Villages & Burundi Kibande Ruyaga

February 18th 2015 (pictured: wooden bicycles from Rwanda outside the Sweet Maria's offices in West Oakland)

It's been two weeks and we have another exciting pair for our roasted coffee subscription. This time I chose one coffee from Rwanda and one from Burundi. Both of these arrived recently here at the Sweet Maria's.

Rwanda Coffee Villages City +

The sweetness stands out in this balanced coffee from the Karenge station in Eastern Rwanda. It reminds me of a less refined sugar like muscovado. There are mild notes of apple and dried fruits in the acidity. Subtle hints of all-spice and clove come forward in the aroma and add complexity to this brewed cup. There is a bit of dark chocolate in the finish.

Burundi Kibande Ruyaga City

There is a pleasing acidity upfront in this one from the Muyinga province of Burundi. It sparkles with a combination of juicy citrus and a brighter lemongrass flavor. The sweetness is syrupy, like honey or caramel. At this City roast level there is a candied nut flavor.

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I also roasted these two espresso blends

Sweet Maria's New Classic Espresso Blend

Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend


Four New Coffees

February 16, 2015

Rwanda Rulindo showcases complex cocoa and spices, subtle fruit notes making great brewed coffee and espresso.

Zimbabwe Chipinge is a mild cup, but with reverberating sweetness, perhaps having more in common with Latin American coffee than African!

Java Sunda Kamojang at City+, it achieves sorghum syrup sweetness with a nice mix of dark chocolate and walnut.

Sumatra Dry Hulled Pantan Murara is a unique, fully washed Sumatra coffee. It is loaded with dark sugar flavors, and a smattering of fruited notes. It's heavy on the palate, and unlike wet-hulled coffees, earth tones are in the background than up-front pectin sweetness.

Three New Coffees

February 9, 2015

Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Cheleba is a nice later arrival Ethiopia new to our list. With actual "new crop" Ethiopias still a few months out, this fruit-forward cup rounds out our Ethiopia offers nicely. The profile is loaded with berry and fruit punch flavors, pectin sweetness, and a nice cocoa finish.

Brazil Fazenda IP Yellow Bourbon is pulp natural processed coffee, so while fruit flavors do show in the profile (especially when cool), it is much more oriented around flavors of burned sugar and cocoa.

Nicaragua La Bastilla Llamada is a mild coffee, toffee-sweet, and with roasted nut and tea flavors.

Both the Brazil and the Nicaragua are "coffee" coffees, crowd pleasers, if you will, and taste great in the middle roast range. Full City - Full City+ is a great level for espresso.