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Two New Guatemalan Coffees

Guatemala Xinabajul Tres Fincas is loaded with heavy sugar sweetness, cocoa, and has an easy going malic acidity in the finish.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Marlon Palacios has sweet and rich cocoa, dark berry, peach, clean acidity and juicy fruits throughout with lots of body. Both of these Guatemalan coffees make a delicious espresso.

Five New Coffees.

November 5, 2014

Colombia El Nacedero - "El Loco" Camacho, is a brilliant cup, and more balanced than the name would suggest. It shows elegance, with blackberry and honey, brisk tea, and a note of fresh basil.

Kenya Nyeri Kigwandi SWP Decaf has all the citrus characteristics and acidity you'd expect from a Kenya - definitely the most pronounced we've ever tasted in decaf coffee!

Guatemala Huehuetenango Small Producers SWP Decaf is a densely sweet cup, with lots of raw sugar and cane juice sweetness, and subtle fruited top notes.

Guatemala Atitlan - Juan Pira is a nice daily drinking coffee with mild acidity, pronounced sweetness, and baking spice top notes. Also makes a classically profiled SO espresso.

Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend has sweet fruits and brooding chocolate notes highlight both applications when roasted toward the Full City range. It sticks close to the original idea of creating a Moka Java with fresh, clean ingredients.

Podcast: Ferment in Colombia with Leo

November 4, 2014

Thompson talks with Leonardo Henao about breaking the rules on coffee fermentation, and how a focus on microorganisms might alter the conceptual framework of what processing and fermentation are to coffee flavors.

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Roasted Coffee: Colombia Timana Principales Lotes + Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna

October 29th, 2014

Trick or treat? Well, treat yourself to these Central and South American coffees! You better believe Dracula will be sucking down both coffees this Halloween. Swamp Thing said he loves the difference with the roast profile between these two coffees. They both are very sweet, but while one has a deep chocolate richness, the other has a raw sugar sweetness. Don't ask the Wolfman though, he likes to eat the coffee raw. 


Colombia Timana Principales Lotes City+ 

Unrefined sugar, candy apple sweetness, and raw honey right up front. Fresh and clean acidity and a juicy finish. Frankenstein's Monster and The Mummy both agree that this Colombia shines bright at a City+ roast.

Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna Full City

Bakers Chocolate, Anise, hazelnut and toasty Cinnamon. There is even a touch of acidity that hits the back of the mouth at the finish. This Full City roast also comes with lots of body and layers of cocoa. 


*Blending these two coffees work very nicely too. I would recommend 1 part Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna and 3 parts Colombia Timana Principales Lotes. But, try a few other combos and see what you think! 

Happy Halloween!

-Danny Goot


Just in case you would like to check out the green coffee offering of these two:

Colombia Timana Principales Lotes

Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna 




New Coffee from Peru and Guatemala

Peru FTO Junin Trujillano has sweet flavors of raw sugar, along with a bit of top-note elegance - apple juice and dried wild flowers. A nice cup profile, propped up on structuring, malic acidity.

Peru FTO Cajamarca Leoncio Perez has a nutty sweetness, like dark sugar-and-butter caramelized almonds. A nice daily-cup, this dense bean is nice in the Ciy+ range, but can also take a bit of heat - a nice option for those who like to take coffees toward 2nd snaps.

Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Miriam Herrera. Brown sugar, honey, golden raisin, stone fruits - this is the level of quality we hope for with our Proyecto Xinabajul coffees. A cup of elegance, and one heck of a SO espresso.