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Roasted Coffee: Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Pena Roja & Java Malabar - Gunung Haruman

December 11th, 2014

I really value my time roasting on our Probat L-12. It's design makes it easy to control and it responds quickly and accurately. I usually start roasting around 6:00 am and finish about 6-7 hours later, every other Wednesday. I roasted 11 batches each of Guatemala and Java, and I'm very excited to share them with you!


Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Pena Roja City+

I always enjoy roasting coffees from Guatemala. They can take aggressive heat, they have an excellent defining first crack from start to finish, and they overall tend to react nicely in the roaster. This Guatemala was no exception. I roasted the Pena Roja at City+ with a few roasts that were just a tad lighter, and blended it all together. I wanted to preserve the beautiful acidity in this cup while also developing the cocoa. Mission accomplished! This cup has nice crispy acidity of fresh fruits, and an obvious cocoa finish. Expect a very clean and juicy cup! 


Java Malabar - Gunung Haruman City+

Here is the proof that the quality of Java coffees have improved. This Java in particular has taken a leap toward sweetness and clarity which is great to see in an Indonesia coffee. It has a clearly defined acidity and fruitiness that shows at it's best once cooled. There is also a sweet sugary aftertaste that completes the finish. I'm very impressed with this Java! 

-Danny Goot


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Girls Gotta Run

December 10, 2014

These girls are part of the Girls Gotta Run running club at  the Abba Pascal girls school in Sodo, Ethiopia. Girls Gotta Run  is a grass roots organization operating in Ethiopia that encourages girls too stay in school and avoid early marriage. Tom had a chance to meet them and see the program first hand.  We are supporting them this year with sales of our Dogs of Coffee calendar and have made a five year commitment to the program. You can read more about the program at Girls Gotta Run

Product Guide: Immersion Brewers

December 8, 2014

Immersion brewing is probably one of the simplest ways to manually brew your coffee. This is a great method for folks that want excellent coffee but don't want to fuss with a proper pour-over technique when they are short on time. With immersion brewing, you don't have to babysit a filter cone...just add coffee, add water, go do a few minutes of something productive and decant.


Four New Coffees

December 5, 2014

Brazil Minas Gerais - Jose Roberto Canato comes at you with acidity, brown sugar, black tea, and a raisin-like sweetness. This Brazil shows nicely at any roast level.

Java Malabar - Gunung Haruman has an expressive sweetness of fruits and cacao, along with roasted barley and black tea notes.

Kenya Embu Gakui Peaberry has earned 94 points because of it's abundant sweetness of mandarin orange, juicy tropical fruits and clean acidity. This Kenya will only be offered in 2 and 1 pound increments because of it's low availability, so act fast!

Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires #640 has low acidity, good body, sugary caramel sweetness and a nutty finish.

Product Guide: Small, Fun Things

December 12, 2014

We pride ourselves on our coffee offerings and coffee supplies but also like to offer items that we think are fun (and sometimes don't have anything to do with coffee). Looking for stocking stuffers or just something fun to include in your order? Here you go.

T-Shirts & Beanies...