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Four New Coffees

December 5, 2014

Brazil Minas Gerais - Jose Roberto Canato comes at you with acidity, brown sugar, black tea, and a raisin-like sweetness. This Brazil shows nicely at any roast level.

Java Malabar - Gunung Haruman has an expressive sweetness of fruits and cacao, along with roasted barley and black tea notes.

Kenya Embu Gakui Peaberry has earned 94 points because of it's abundant sweetness of mandarin orange, juicy tropical fruits and clean acidity. This Kenya will only be offered in 2 and 1 pound increments because of it's low availability, so act fast!

Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires #640 has low acidity, good body, sugary caramel sweetness and a nutty finish.

Product Guide: Small, Fun Things

December 12, 2014

We pride ourselves on our coffee offerings and coffee supplies but also like to offer items that we think are fun (and sometimes don't have anything to do with coffee). Looking for stocking stuffers or just something fun to include in your order? Here you go.

T-Shirts & Beanies...

Product Guide: Our Roasted Coffee Explained

December 1, 2014

As you know, we sell green, unroasted coffee, but we also roast a few dozen kilos every 2 weeks.  Since most of our focus goes towards green coffee, our roasted selection is usually pretty slim...usually two single-origin coffees and two espresso blends....

A New Guatemala

November 29, 2014

Guatemala Patzun - Finca Santa Anita Lot 2 is a less fruit-forward cup, with nice balance of caramel candy sweetness and high % cacao flavors. An ultra-clean profile, slight floral tea notes linger, and a structuring acidity ties it all together.

Roasted Coffee: Ethiopia Kaffa - Michiti Cooperative & Timor Eraulu Lauana Villages

November 26, 2014

Have you ever tried blending your two subscription roasts together to make a blend? Try blending different precentages to see how the two roasts work together. Sometimes they work well together and other times the flavor characteristics can cancel each other out. In this case, the Timor and Ethiopia coffees are worth a shot to blend. I would start with a lower percentage of Timor to Ethiopia. Maybe even a 10% Timor to 90% Ethiopia. This is an interesting experiment with creating a Mokha Java blend of your own! If you're not a Bi-Weekely Roasted Coffee Pairing subscriber, you can order these coffees below, while we have them in stock. 

Ethiopia Kaffa - Michiti Cooperative City+

There is lots of lemon in this cup. From fresh juicy lemonaide to creamy lemon curd, without being too bright. Cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla also form as a balance in this Ethiopia. The body is juicy and leaves a refreshing sensation on the palate. The finish has a toasted cocoa bittersweetness. 

Timor Eraulu Launa Villages Full City

This Timor roast has a lot of sweet chocolate while it's hot in the cup. As it cools down a bit, the ripe fruits come out alongside the chocolate. Banana, green apple, and tropical fruits. The acidity reveals how clean this coffee is. It's actually quite surprising how well the crisp acidity has held on with this coffee at a Full City roast! 

Also roasted...

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