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The Clever Coffee Dripper Revisited

Dec. 17, 2015

We see cases of Clever Coffee Drippers every day here in the Sweet Maria's warehouse. They scoot around on pallets carried by our forklift, our warehouse crew affixes shipping labels to them countless times a week and our stock of them looks like a life-sized lego castle wall. You'd think we would be completely sick of them by now but we have loved Clevers since we began importing them over 5 years ago. 

It's one of our favorite brewers because it doesn't require a special brewing technique to get an excellent cup. It's simple to use and simple to clean. "Clever" couldn't be a more appropriate word to describe it's functionality. There's only one moving part. The base doubles as a plug so when you place the dripper on your cup, the base goes up and your coffee goes down...into your mug.

Non-electric coffee brewers seem to ride the wave of their own hype and are dismissed once a new form of brewing is popularized. Remember when cafes and restaurants each had a fleet of French presses lined up? One day, the now popular ceramic drip cone will be a thing of the past too. This doesn't mean that French presses and drip cones stop making great coffee once people stop Instagramming them and foodie magazines stop featuring them in their holiday gift guides.

So after the past few years, we still feel the Clever makes excellent coffee and we wanted to dig up a few older Clever-related articles for you, to celebrate our favorite plastic (BPA-free) brewer.


The Inside Scoop

Being a smart shopper, you have probably gone online and seen different versions of the Clever Dripper at different prices. The world of internet selling and reselling can be a modern day wild west. Here's why you should buy Clevers from authorized resellers and how you can tell the difference between the Clevers we sell and the older ones floating around the internet.

Clever vs. Technivorm

This is more of a comparison than a competition since they...

Product Guide: Sweet Maria's Apparel

Dec. 16, 2015

Our main focus is green coffee but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun designing items that we like to wear. We hope you think our apparel is attractive too.


Coffee Leaves Sweatshirt

Some of the the Sweet Maria's crew members have been asking for these for a while and now their wish (and hopefully your wish) has been answered with these American Apparel hooded sweatshirts. ...

Product Guide: Roasted & Green Coffee Storage

Dec. 14, 2015

After roasting your coffee, you have to put it somewhere. You can just use a ziploc bag or a mason jar...it's up to you, but there are some nice containers available that are made specifically for coffee storage and others that are great for helping you share your roasted creation. Regardless, it's best to keep roasted coffee away from sunlight, oxygen, extreme temperatures and humidity (elements that will make your coffee stale). If you are gifting coffee or storing it untouched for a few days, you will want to use a bag or container with a one-way valve. A valve allows for C02 to escape and keeps oxygen out. If you are accessing your coffee often, a valve isn't totally necessary since you will be exposing it to oxygen on a daily basis but it will help a bit if you are storing larger batches. Freshly roasted coffee should be treated like fresh produce since it's flavor will start to degrade after a week or so. The aroma will degrade first and the "cup quality" will follow.


Coffee Tin

These tins are very popular, affordable and work well. They store up to a pound of roasted coffee and there's a one-way valve underneath. ...

This Week's Fresh Roasted Coffee From Rwanda & Java Along With Two Great Blends

Nov. 9, 2015

1 pound bags. Roasted on Nov. 8th.


Rwanda Kivu Kanzu - pleasantly bittersweet - rich, dark cocoa and caramel flavor, as well as raw brown sugar. Roasted to City +

Java Sunda Gunung Parigi - has an apple top note with flavors of cocoa, molasses, cinnamon, and a fresh herbs. Roasted to City+

Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend - A Sweet Maria's favorite. It has rustic sweetness, spice, savory notes, long aftertaste.

Sweet Maria's Espresso Workshop #37 - Esprestletoe  - has flavors reminiscent of cacao bar, blackberry, plum, melon, and citrus. Roasted to Full City+

Product Guide: Immersion Brewers

Dec. 9, 2015

Immersion brewing is a great way to make coffee. It's easy and quick since you steep your coffee instead of pouring water through it. Steeping not only gives it a little extra body, it eliminates having to babysit your coffee as you attempt a proper pour-over technique with a drip cone.


Clever Coffee Dripper

People are always impressed with the simple operation of the Clever Coffee Dripper. After steeping your coffee for a few minutes, you place the dripper on top of your cup and the coffee drains into your cup. That's it. No mechanical parts, switches, springs, screens, etc....