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A New Sample Set & Three New Coffees

August 21, 2015
Single Origin Sample Set: Ethiopia 8-Pack - An 8 lb pack of our current single origin coffees from Ethiopia with a small discount. These are 88 to 93 point coffees, dry and wet processed, a sampler skewed toward the mind-blowing side of the coffee tasting spectrum.
Hawaii Ka'anapali Maui Mokha - Mild acidity, sweet-grain and fruit flavors, and nice body. Rustic dark honey and raisin bran cereal flavors, along with a dusting of cocoa comes out in the darker roast levels. We have a limited supply so orders are limited to 1 and 2lb bags.
Honduras Belen de Ocotepeque -Don Vasquez - boasts a thick, honeyed sweetness, followed by cherry and apricot top notes, and fresh, herbaceous hints. The mouthfeel is very syrupy lending to the lasting bittersweetness that fills out the finish.
Sulawesi Bone-Bone Village - has a  fruit-forward profile, combined with rustic, syrupy sweetness, and thick body. The profile is complex; herbal notes, layers of raw sugars, and ripe tropicals. An impressive Sulawesi cup, with a lasting, slow-disappearing finish.


Five New Coffees

August 19, 2015

Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend - A potent, pungent blend for espresso beverages. It's ideal for milk drinks, as this intense bittersweet cuts through the steamed milk. Rustic sweetness, spice, savory notes, long aftertaste. Monsooned coffee and a small percentage of Robusta add crema and body. Vienna roast.

Colombia Huila -Caficultor Perfil - a nice blend of unrefined sugar and honeyed sweetness, along with dashes of raisin and dried cherry. An illuminating tartaric acidity highlights the cup, and middle roasts develop lasting chocolate bittersweetness. Good for espresso.

Ethiopia Agaro -Nano Challa Cooperative - beautiful cup characteristics with white honey sweetness, mild fruit and floral notes, with ginger snap cookie in the finish. An extremely clean cup-profile, and lighter mouthfeel suits the slight effervescence. Good for espresso.

Kenya Kirinyaga Kamwangi AA -fruited and clean, with a nice pointed finish. Stone fruit and citrus juice flavors come through, with a refined cane-sugar sweetness. A nice bittering aspect comes through in the finish (like pulpy orange juice or peach skin) with an Earl Grey tea note.

Guatemala Antigua Buena Vista Farm - incredible balance between candy-like sweetness, and bittering cocoa tones. Notes of vanilla, praline, apple, and almond are propped up by structured malic acidity. Good for espresso.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

August 19, 2015

Roasted on 8/18, this week's coffee is all bagged up and ready to ship. Here's four roasted coffees you shouldn't miss out on.

Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal - This is a great every day, "drinking" coffee that has balanced notes of cocoa, roasted nut and malt sugar. Roasted to Full City.

Colombia Inza De Cauca - has a wonderful combo of convincing fruit flavors and acidity, along with central characteristics of burned sugars and fine dark chocolate. Roasted to City+.

Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey Blend - A very popular coffee that has flavors of chocolate, dark fruit, licorice, a full body and long aftertaste. Roasted to Full City.

Moka Kadir Espresso Blend - This is another coffee that sells out very fast and has flavors of dried apricot, plum, tobacco, layered chocolate and a dense, thick body. Roasted to Full City.

Larger Orders?


In case you are placing a larger order (with more than five items), the cart is behaving very badly and may even time out, deleting all the items in the cart.   Smaller orders seem to be coming through fine in my tests.  It is the number, not size, of items that seems to cause the glitch. The cart developers are aware of the problem and working on it. 

One possible work-around would be to place two smaller orders, one with the shipping option you prefer selected and the other as if it was a "customer pick-up" order. Then send us a note to combine the orders. If you have any trouble , just email us at info@sweetmarias.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Thank you - Maria 

Six New Coffees

August 14, 2015

We just added six great new coffees to the list including coffees from regions we haven't seen for a while like Nicaragua, Java and Mexico. Enjoy!


Costa Rica Alaska -Lote El Llano - demonstrates dried fruit along the lines of raisin and dried plum. Browning sugars and baking spice notes crop up as the cup cools with cinnamon and all-spice accents, complimenting a slight cocoa note in the finish. City+ and FC roasts build fruit-juice flavors, a beautiful cranberry note comes into play with allusions to stone fruit nectar. The finish is buttery with persistent chocolate tones, leaning towards dark chocolate.
Java Sunda -Gunung Naringin - is a real standout and is so sweet, with shocking cleanliness for an Indonesian coffee, a testament to clean processing and good milling. Lighter roasts show dark, juicy fruit flavors and as the cup cools, cherry juice, baked apple and aspects of pluots. Taking the roast a shade darker produces a fig/dark-chocolate combination, fading into bittersweet cocoa in the finish. Sweet citrus notes come out, tangerine and naval orange, butted up against stone fruit, and a melon hint. This coffee is good brewed and as espresso.
Mexico Org. La Lagunilla Coop - The cup has unequivocal sweetness, peaking with brown sugar and butter, fading nicely into baker's chocolate bittersweetness in the finish. There are sugary aspects well within the range of raw to light brown sugar, and nut tones too. It is 'coffee-like' in character, having a core bittersweet 'warmth' to it. The type of coffee I will drink two cups of (yes, in a row!), and I think the Full City/FC+ roasts will produce classically-profiled espresso shots. You might try using this as a blend base too.
Nicaragua Acopio Suyatal - has a malty sweetness to it and is reminiscent of Horlicks malted milk drink. The profile shines at more of a City+/Full City roast, building out sweetness and a bumped-up cocoa nib flavor. The acidity is subtle, yet well defined - like rindy citrus...