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How can I end a travelogue for such a wonderful trip? How about a blurry picture of a hamburger on the plane home. Sure, why not. In fact, United would not let us board, saying we were too late for the flight, with this subtext: Maria is disabled and would take longer to board. They wouldn't even let us try to get the plane. Yes, it sorta pissed me off, because I think they would have let us try to make it (we had 25 minutes) if she was "abled". We had to buy tickets on Aloha in order to get home that night, at the worst price. So my advice to you; visit Kona, come for the Coffee Festival, visit Mountain Thunder, buy cheap snorking gear and reef-walking shoes, rent a 4wd so you can get down the lava roads, eat at the small restaurants in Captain Cook, stay near Captain Cook (I don't like Kailua Kona - too Boutiquey), go to the Kona Historic Society, buy a good map, check out the local tiny grocery stores, eat a Cocopan, and FLY ALOHA AIRLINES! Boo United!