Well, a very bad hurricane season meant that my flights to Bolivia to be a judge at the 2005 Cup of Excellence were cancelled ... not just for one day but for three. By the time the planes were in the air again, it was too late to go. But that was not the only problems with the Bolivia event this year. It seems there was some behind-the-scenes tussling going on with cooperatives and exporters and the prograom. Of the 60 samples that made it to the finals, around 35 "disappeared" from the warehouse. So in effect it became a Cup of Excellence with only a handful of entries. It's a bad situation for the farmers either way. The CoE is trying to serve their general interests by providing a model of quality, marketing, and a damn good price for the winning lots. But if there isn't enough participation, the whole process is undermined. Hopefully the problems will be smoothed out for next years Bolivia CoE. Hopefully there is a CoE in Bolivia next year. The quality of the coffee in general certainly deserves this kind of attention.

Anyway, I was sad not to make the event, but maybe the fact that Miami International was closed for 3 days was a blessing. It's a long way to go to cup 25 coffees. I will receive all the samples before the auction to cup them here, so in a way I get to participate anyway, and if anything really jumps out at me, we'll certainly buy it. But it needs to jump a tall hurdle; I already have an excellent lot of Cenaproc Peaberry lined up (Cenaproc was a winner in the past 2 cupping events in Bolivia). But I will let the cup speak to me, and buy the best on the table ...

Update 11/29/05: I cupped all the samples here at the shop. There were some average and some excellent. The #1 was my favorite of the high numbered coffees, and I liked #2 and #3 but cupped them against the samples of my Cenaproc pre-ship and felt mine was on par or better. There was a "sleeper coffee" for me, one in the 10-20th place range- but I won't tell what it is until after the auction... Many of the lower numbered coffees, from 7-20th were just good, clean Bolivias, not that exemplary, for me. I noticed that only the #1 is pure 100% Typica, which is disappointing that more aren't all Typica.


Bolivia Cup of Excellence 2005 Winning Farms

Farmers Jury Description Colony Township Altitude 70 kg Bags Approx.
1 Agricabv BV Calama Marka 93.52 Juan de Dios Blanco orange honeysuckle fragrance, lemony tang, chocolate orange, improved as it cooled, deep dark chocolate, sweet floral and cherry blossom, complex, rich and delicate at the same time, sweet citric, very clean, great balance, caramel, butterscotch flavor Calama Calama 1200 18.43
2 Golondrina 93.10   dark chocolate, black cherry, complex acidity, hibiscus, lighter fruit, sweet fruit fragrance, great aftertaste, got better at the end, silky velvety mouthfeel, perfumy sandalwood aroma, juicy, very good almond, intensely sweet wouldn't need sugar, jasmin       23.92
Celso Mayta Copacabana, Caranavi Rural y Entre Rios 1600
Eusebio Marca    
Lucio Cami–o      
3 Caf¸ Paraiso 91.50 Magali Quispe burgundy wine, red currants, blackberry, tart green apple flavor, dried apricots, choclate, elegant and graceful, smooth and velvety, apricot and pear, particularly nice aroma, complex aroma, rose, sweet with a creamy body San Ignacio 5ta zona Carrasco la Reserva 1600 20.03
Fidel Machaca    
Victor Huanca    
Sebastian Callisaya    
Clementina Callisaya      
4 Ciana 1 90.74 Mario Mamani peach, elegant rose, lighter in character, cherry, vnilla, floral, chocolate/orange, imporved as it cooled, great blance, dry and sweet at the same time, long creamy aftertaste, very sweet, citric flavor Choj–a Pampa Carrasco la Reserva 1700 20.05
5 Pico del tucan 3 90.52 Carmelo Olori bright and sweet, powerful uplifting acidity, silky, long dark chocolate finish, grapefruit flavor, chocolate, intense orange, chocolate fruit, a "sleeper", lively acidity with good body, sweet powerful aroma Uchumachi Carrasco la Reserva 1600 21.98
Mario Olori    
Mauricio Mamani    
Miguel Mamani    
Secundino Nina      
6 Cenaproc de Monta–a 90.26 Virgilio Avila lasting sweet aftertaste, good fruit, melon, cherries, strawberry, dense vanilla, good body structure, not as bright but smooth and sweet, lasted as it cooled, caramel, milk chocolate late in the flavor, positive acidity that is not too intense Nueva Llusta San Lorenzo 1600 18.96
Justina Huanca      
7 Machaca 89.67 Teofilo Machaca black cherry flavor, long sweet finish, chocolate and orange fragance, classic Bolivian, orange peel fragrance, cedar, sharp clean acidity, flavor and body in perfect balance, Rome apple Choj–a Pampa Carrasco la Reserva 1600 19.11
8 Asocafe 87.95 Jose Ramos strong body, sweet cherries, intense acidity, fresh ground black peppercorn, lemony citrus, snappy quick finish, floral fragrance with vanilla, sweet and consistent throughout Amor de Dios Taipiplaya 1400 19.66
9 Pico del Tucan 2 87.43 Eduardo Tola piquant acidity, nutmeg spicy, clove, thick consistency, pleasantly bittersweet, more body than acidity
Uchumachi Carrasco la Reserva 1600 19.43
Manuel Olori      
10 Pico del Tucan 4 87.10 Yolanda Condori mellow, sweet and smooth, lower acidity but pleasant, nice chocolate/lemon quality, dry white grape Uchumachi Carrasco la Reserva 1600 19.94
Humberto Villca      
11 Rio Colorado 86.23 Evaristo Hilari
develops as it cooled, sweetness and a lot of chocolate, bold snappy acid, hint of berry on the finish that lingered, beautiful long finish, pear and melon, soft and accessible Chijchipani Entre Rios 1600 22.77
12 Flor de San Pablo 86.05 Monica Quispe strong sugar browning aromatics, strong cherry in aroma, syrupy consistency, cedar, dark chocolate, orange floral, sweet blood orange, great balance, red flower San Pablo primero San Pablo 1600 19.79
Victoriano Kuno    
Raul Flores      
13 Jakaranda 85.87 Pascual Viscarra passionfruit, sweet citric, great acidity, definite citric/sweet, smooth and silky with strawberry notes, smoothest sample, great balance of acidity,body, and flavor 8 de septiembre Entre Rios 1600 28.61
Jusrino Ticona    
Eraclio Chambi    
Juan Maraza      
14 Pico del Tucan 85.70 Anacleto Uluri chocolate/cherry, caramel sweetness, syrupy, great sweetness, well balanced, very clean with lively acidity San Ignacio Carrasco la Reserva 1700 18.89
Basilia Cari    
Gabriel Chura    
Pablo Yana    
Vicente Laura      
15 Anditrade BV Monterrey 85.43 Valentin Choquehuanca spiciness, clove-like, stable, lower acid but outstanding body, nice cedar, solid cup, ripe and winy, citric flavor and acidity, soft and sweet Loayza Santa Fe 1700 19.43
Mario Condori    
Rosendo Melgar      
16 Cafˇ llusta 85.33 Rufino Quispe very sweet hot, citric like a tangerine flavor, outstanding acidity, sweet and delicate, apricot fruit, smooth chocolate caramel, rich sweet pronounced chocolate Nueva Llusta San Lorenzo 1600 18.39
Francisco Sandoval      
17 Villalobos 84.63 Benigno Villalobos developed a berry flavor as it cooled, concord grape flavor, thick body, sweet and berry-like Colonia 7 estrellas Entre Rios 1600 18.31
18 Cafˇ Central 84.60 Luis Huayhua great melon flavor, syrupy Sulawesi-like body, aroma floral and citric, chocolate flavor, floral, transparent in a nice pleasant way, brown sugar/maple aroma, unstable when cold, bitter aftertaste Nueva Llusta San Lorenzo 1700 18.37
Ricardo Patana      
19 Colina Siete Estrellas 84.02 Emilio Castro one of the best acidities, tart and lemony, unique, clean, floral flavor, lots of chocolate Colonia 7 estrellas Entre Rios 1550 21.57
Wilfredo Castro      


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