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Coffee: A Celebration of Diversity

Inside page snapshots

Satellite images of Java from the Environment section. The first chapter includes an amazing overview of the coffee landscape using satellite and Space Shuttle images. All new to me...

The History chapter isn't so new to me, but most of the photos are ones I have never seen before! I really like this image of the freight boats used to haul coffee out to the ships ... in an era before ports were artificially created.

2 page spread on Guatemala with 3-D map of growing regions, satellite photos of the Pacific Cordillera and Airplane photos of Lake Atitlan.

The morphology of the coffee tree from the section called, not surprisingly The Coffee Tree!

More from the Environment chapter showing East African coffee production

From the Processing chapter - contrasting the many different picking, milling, drying and preparing methods.

From the Consumption chapter, showing the sample roasting and cupping of coffee.

Tom's Comments on this book:

BUY THIS BOOK! We try to offer our items with a soft touch, but if you have any interest in coffee, any at all, you need to buy this book! It is Coffee; A Celebration of Diversity by Italian biologist /photographer Fulvio Eccardi and Trieste-based green coffee trader Vincenzo Sandalj. The result of this relationship is a beautiful 228 pages, almost all in full color, loaded with remarkable photographs that detail the world of coffee as it exists right now. Lots of books are pretty ... the difference here is the knowledge behind the images, the very readable text that portrays coffee production in every aspect, written from an informed insider perspective. The first chapter on Environment is a landmark, detailing the climate and topography of coffee production using NASA satellite imagery and 3-D modeled maps. The next chapter on History is the concise story of coffee from it's discovery and spread to the West. The Coffee Tree comes next, an up-close look at the plant structure, cultivars, hybrids, husbandry, and diseases. Next comes Cultivation, which starts with an overview of the small-scale of coffee production and then creates portraits of the major growing regions to compare and contrast.The chapters Harvesting and Processing give an intimate view of the options facing farmers in farm and mill techniques that have a huge bearing on the cup flavors. And finally there is Consumption which involves coffee quality analysis (cupping) and consumer preference. What impresses me is this is a sweeping overview of the coffee world that is, at every turn, near it's subject, passing from the macro to micro view effortlessly. It does not shy away from any issues (sustainable practices, organic production, social impacts, low market prices) without getting bogged down in them or having heavy-handed opinions. It is truly a book you will read too, from cover to cover, and go back through to show friends and family, and want to look at just because the pictures are fantastic. There is nobody I know, not a coffee insider with 20 years in the trade, nor a coffee drinker with mild interest, who will not be drawn in by the information here, and learn something new. For the old-timer, this is full of fresh information (how many Space Shuttle images of coffee lands have you seen?) And it involves just the right amount of hard facts to avoid being burdensome, while managing to be informative. Okay, I'll stop - clearly, I think this is a fine book. That is why we took the initiative and imported it from Italy, directly from the authors!

This is the English edition of the original Italian version (beautifully written and translated), and is printed by a small press in Italy. It is not cheap, but it is worth every penny. I have made a separate web page with some snapshot views of pages inside the book

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