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Here are some page views from the Wintgens book. These are quick snapshots, so you are not going to be able to read the text. But I am trying to give you an idea of the contents. This book is for the serious coffee producer, researcher, grower. It also be useful for anyone along the supply chain; brokers, importers and exporters, etc. Some roasters who are, like me, information hounds, will find the book very interesting. If you are like me, and your visits to coffee farms and mills express a desire to truly understand the process of coffee production, and you are not afraid of a little science, you will get something from this. If you are a more casual observer of coffee production, don't buy this book. Home roasting folks? Well, I can think of a couple who would want this, some for bragging rights, others with a background in science or agronomy. Most of even the most fervent home roasters will have much better things to spend money on than a book that is VERY weighted toward the coffee farm / producer end, and not as focused on roasting and organoleptic aspects of the beverage (I mean, tasting!) -Tom

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