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  1. Video: A Cooler Way to Cool Your Behmor Roast

    Video: A Cooler Way to Cool Your Behmor Roast

    Cool your coffee faster by removing the drum.

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  2. Aillio Bullet R1 Support

    Aillio Bullet R1 Support

    Need a little help with your Bullet R1? We are here for you.

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  3. Intro to Home Roasting Class

    Intro to Home Roasting Class

    Sign up for this roasting basics class. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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  4. Sweet Maria's Featured on The Coffee Podcast

    Sweet Maria's Featured on The Coffee Podcast

    Listen in and share with a friend that needs a little motivation getting started with roasting on their own.

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  5. Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention

    Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention

    For some people who roast their own coffee, off-the-shelf home coffee roasting appliances don't cut it.

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  6. Air Popper Modifications -Adding a Thermometer

    Air Popper Modifications -Adding a Thermometer

    A thermometer can help you establish a more consistent roasting routine. Adding a thermometer to your air popper measures the temperature of the forced air heat flow after it has passed through the beans.

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  7. Gas Oven Roasting Method

    Gas Oven Roasting Method

    What You Need: A gas oven. A perforated pan, a vegetable steamer, or a stainless steel wire mesh collander.

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  8. How to make a Thermometer Clip

    How to make a Thermometer Clip

    Do you really need a thermometer clip? Well, not really, but if the dial face is moving around while you are cranking, it makes it hard to read.

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  9. Air Popper Modifications -Timing Roasts

    Air Popper Modifications -Timing Roasts

    When I started roasting with an air popper, I found that timing the roasts was difficult.

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  10. Another Home Roaster Takes the Leap

    Another Home Roaster Takes the Leap

    Sweet Maria's customer jumps into his own coffee business

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  11. Product Guide: Drum Roasters

    Product Guide: Drum Roasters

    Miniature versions of those commercial roasters you always fantasize about using.

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  12. Product Guide: Air Roasters

    Product Guide: Air Roasters

    Air roasters are put in the same category because of the hot air thing but they are all different. There's at least one here that fits your needs.

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Aillio Bullet R1 Support

Aillio Bullet R1 Support

Need some help with your Bullet roaster?

We put together this page to offer the latest information in one place. Please contact us at and we will address needed repairs, diagnose any unusual sounds or just get you the advice you need. Keep in mind we plan on updating this page with more advice and information consistently to reflect updates, roasting questions and concerns.

Is the Bullet R1 for Everyone? No! It's expensive. It's not a kitchen-counter-type appliance (see dimensions). And 1kg is a lot of coffee! The Bullet is not hard to operate, but we do not recommend it for those without coffee roasting experience. Start with a popper and learn the roast process first! The Bullet doesn't need much, but we do not recommend it for those intimidated by a hex head screwdriver! You will need to clean it, make occasional adjustments, and eventually do small repairs like replace a belt. But it is a wonderful, innovative machine that gives great control of the roast process, and produces fantastic coffee with its induction heat transfer technology.

Latest Links & Downloads

Check out the Aillio Bullet R1 users group on Facebook. This is a good place to see what other Bullet owners are up to. You can usually get input from other owners 24/7 as active community members are spread across time zones.

You can contact Aillio directly. Please keep in mind that Aillio is a small company located in Taiwan. Much of their efforts are dedicated to keep up with the demand for R1 machines and they are probably in a different time zone so they might be a little slow in regards to response time...but they will get back to you. 
+886 02 2550 8851
Aillio's contact page

Our Sweet Maria's Bullet R1 Videos

Here's a quick troubleshooting video regarding a Bullet that was returned to us due to an obvious problem with drum alignment at the front bearing. We were able to diagnose the issue after comparing it to our own display model.

Tip: If everything's working but the combination of roasting software and a brand new machine is a little overwhelming, we recommended starting off by roasting with just the panel until you get used to how the machine roasts. Before using a new roaster, check the drum position, front bearing position, and that drum operates okay! See the  Quick Start Sheet and the Online Manual !

Here's a look at some of the Bullet R1's internals, how to remove the rear panels, adjust the belt tension, and what tools to have on hand. There were minor differences between the roasters that we received in the past two shipments from Aillio. He opened up two roasters to show these differences.

This one is about accessing the control panel. All you need is a 2mm allen wrench (aka hex key) and a small phillips screwdriver. Opening up the panel is helpful for troubleshooting if you should encounter any issues with loose connections.

Here's some intro videos for our early experiences with our test roaster. We plan on producing more detailed videos in the future.