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All About The Clever Coffee Dripper

All About The Clever Coffee Dripper
Dec. 13, 2018

The Clever Coffee Dripper has been one of our favorite brewers since we started carrying them in 2009. We love it's unique, simple way of making great coffee. It's BPA-free, durable, lightweight, easy to clean and affordable. The Clever is technically a pour-over brewer because it's sort of cone-shaped and, well, you pour water into it. The feature that sets it apart is the silicone stopper that allows your coffee to steep (similar to a French press) until you place it on a cup, allowing it to drain.


We also like them because the manufacturer  continues to improve the design. Aside from style updates, Clevers over the years have benefited from an improvement in material. They are currently made with an Eastman Tritan plastic that resists clouding, cracking and has a little flex to it, making it much more shatter-resistant compared to older models.


Cleaning your Clever

Clevers are easy to keep clean. A quick rinse with hot water after brewing and an occasional wash with a sponge and soapy water will get rid of any build up. Also, giving the stopper a little TLC will keep you Clever brewing flawlessly for years. Check out how we recommend to clean your Clever. If you ever damage your silicone stopper/flange thing, email us...we'll send you a new one.


The Amazon Issue

We are an importer of Clever Drippers meaning, we purchase entire shipping containers of them and sell them individually to folks like you and by the case to companies that want to resell them to their customers. This can be challenging because some Amazon resellers will sell them at lower prices than they had agreed to and others will sell older or different versions of it.  Here's a little more about why we care about other companies playing fair.


While supplies last, the Clever is part of our Holiday Brew Kit which includes a discounted pack of filters and a pound of Sweet Maria's roasted coffee.