Chickens and Coffee Image Gallery: Each year we do our charity calendar Dogs of Coffee. But while perusing all my dog photos, I realize there are significant numbers of chicken pics.
Favorite Historical Coffee Quotes: Coffee has inspired some great historical comment, essays, protests, opera, etc.
Oddball Coffee Sounds and Muzics: This is a few oddball coffee-related songs I have come across
The Other Flight: Not about coffee... but related in a way, to labor and forces of exploitation, sexism and just plain badness.
Cocoa Roasting: Some similarities and differences in cocoa and coffee roasting and production.
Attention all Coffee Buyers! : Remember, origin is a long way from home, and some may not believe you were actually there.
Finca West Oakland: Growing Coffee at Home (Video): Growing, picking, processing, roasting, grinding and brewing coffee at home. Elevation in West Oakland is 8 feet above sea level.
Green Coffee Cupping (Video): Tom from Sweet Maria's cups green coffee. Yes, green, unroasted coffee.
Cupping Green Coffee (Video): Tasting all the stages of roast, from green through first and second crack.
How We Select Coffees, and "Cupping": We request many, many samples from the East Coast and West Coast distributors we use, to the point where I am a bit embarassed.
Barista Warez 2000: We have started offering limited quantities of ou own special 12 oz. jars of Barista Jam.
Wet Processing Coffee at Home: I brought back some coffee cherry on a recent trip to Costa Rica, and after planting some, I had leftovers. What to do?
Fun Stuff We Find in Green Coffee: An quick look at the fun stuff we find in coffee, sometimes.
Sampling of Coffee Bag Images: Coffee is still transported as it was 200 years ago, in 60 to 70 Kg Burlap Coffee Bags. Here's a sampling of ours.
The Maker Faire in one minute (Video): Here's a quick montage of our booth at Maker Faire 2011 at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds
Cuptoberfest 2010 Image Gallery: In October of 2010, Sweet Maria's hosted local Bay Area coffee cuppers at our warehouse for an afternoon of what else? coffee tasting.
Imbibe Article Featuring Three Sweet Maria's Customers: It’s a typical lazy sunday In long Beach, Miss., and eddie dove is firing up the backyard grill.
Our Deidrich 12 K Roaster: Some pictures of our Diedrich 12 K Roaster .. moving it, installing it, and running over Judy's hedgehog.
First Ever Cupping Class at Sweet Maria's (July 2008): This past July held our first ever class here at Sweet Maria's. Classes were small...
How we donate to relief organizations: We still continue focusing our giving on those organizations that are active in coffee producing areas (among other areas).
Sweet Maria's Skateboard: The new sweet maria's skateboard a la natas kaupas for freestyle flip tricks is but a hoax. Well, yes and no.
Nica Hope Soccer Team Image Gallery: Photos of the NicaHope soccer team, Managua, Nicaragua
Obsolete Products: Don't ask why, but we keep a page just for obsolete products ... RIP
First Ever Homeroaster's Dream Camp Photos!: Images from the Dream Camp and a list of those participating in the 1st Dream Camp session on July 25th 2009
First Ever Homeroaster's Dream Camp!: A recap of our first Homeroasters' Dream Camp held June 2009.
Processing Raw Cacao into Chocolate by Regis Hanna: Living in Panama, where cacao grows, and having a family of chocoholics, it was only a matter of time
Use and Care of the Coffee Cuppers Spittoon!: There is a lack of information about the proper use, cleaning, and upkeep of the cupping spittoon. I hope this helps...
Our West Oakland CA Warehouse: Here's some pictures of our empty old place in Emeryville and our new place in hot, upcoming, hi-energy West Oakland!
PNW Gathering III!: It's summer and that means PNWG III!
Roasting Cacao At Home: Since I started roasting coffee at home again, I kept thinking about the feasibility of roasting your own cocoa beans,
Home Roast List's PNW Homeroaster's Gathering Photos: When I found out the PNWG gathering was going to be in Oakland I was excited. I regretted missing the first one at Mike McGuiness' in Vancouver, WA
Roast Busters: We had a periodic cupping club years ago called RoastBusters. Here's the results of the last one.
Bay Area Homeroasters Gathering : And also the San Francisco Bay Area Home Roaster get-together, featuring Jeffrey Paulins computer controlled Hot Top.
Recipes that use Sweet Maria's Green Coffee: Recipe from Gourmet Magazine, October 2000 with Sweet Maria's listed as the green coffee source for the recipe.
Coffee Packaging and Freshness Issues: Coffee roasters are unabashedly opinionated, and we are no exception. Sometimes we may sound bitter,
Hyenas of Harar #2: