Cupping and Context - New Tools for Coffee Evaluation: The coordinated release of the Coffee Lexicon and the Coffee Flavor Wheel, with comments
Why Should You Know Giling Basah?: In the Bahasa language of Indonesia, Giling Basah means "wet hulled."
Microscopic Images of Coffee Seed: Structure and Defects: coffea arabica - coffee plant root structure and early leaf formation
Genetic Decaf Coffee Trees by Andy Coghlan : The world's first caffeine-free coffee plants
Caffeine FAQ by Alex López-Ortiz: This is an excerpt of a longer FAQ including more coffee-related information
Article on Coffee Chemistry and Freshness by Sophie L. Rovner: Here's an article that makes some interesting observations about coffee chemistry (but has a few errors in common sense about freshness...
Preface to "Coffee Quality" by Michael Sivitz: This is not your ordinary "run of the mill" coffee booklet extolling romantic places and recipes.
Roasting Article by Carl Staub from SCAA Roast Kit Literature: Sourced from the SCAA Roast Color Classification System developed by Agtron - SCAA in 1995
How Can a Leaf Rust? Roya in Guatemala: The problem of coffee fungus in Central America: La Roya. An update from Antigua by Tom
Coffee Seed Physiology (pdf): A great primer on the coffee seed, pulling together some current observations on structure and germination. A great read . -Tom
AFLP analysis of genetic diversity within and among Coffea arabica cultivars:
Base Composition of Coffea AFLP Sequences and Their Conservation Within the Genus:
Searching for Relatives of Coffea (pdf): Article looking at how Coffea Arabica relates to the broader family of 96 Coffea species. A few interesting points for the lay reader here. -Tom
The Effect of Bad Weather on Coffee: The Brazil Situation:
Tiny Joy: Aug - Sept 2009: Brewing Fundamentals