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Cupping and Context - New Tools for Coffee Evaluation: The coordinated release of the Coffee Lexicon and the Coffee Flavor Wheel, with comments
Stretchin' Out the Roast pt. 2: How adjusting the length of 1st crack will affect sweetness, body, and acidity in the roast.
Stretchin' Out the Roast: Part 1: The taste of four roast experiments gives us feedback on what is the ideal roast on a specific coffee.
Coffee vs. Wine: The Great Debate: Coffee seems like a straightforward topic, at least it did when you bought coffee in a can...
Tiny Joy: March/April 2012: Electric Coffee Brewers/ Using Taste to Determine Roast Level
Roast Development Cupping Test Image Gallery: With the current discussion on under-developed roast taste, I had the realization I have never cupped green coffee before. Seriously, green.
Green Coffee Cupping (Video): Tom from Sweet Maria's cups green coffee. Yes, green, unroasted coffee.
How We Select Coffees, and "Cupping": We request many, many samples from the East Coast and West Coast distributors we use, to the point where I am a bit embarassed.
Our Coffee Cupping Review Archive: The portal for accessing all of our old cupping reviews - as many as we saved....
Our Coffee Review Reference Page: In December 2008, I shifted our cupping scoring system. I know that for those of us living in a "base 10" society...
Home Barista Coffee Roast Challenge: Part 1 - Blends (Video): Cupping the entries in the blend competition
Home Barista Roasting Challenge Part 1 - Blended Coffees (Video): Cupping the entries in the Home Barista Roasting Challenge Blended Coffees .
Home Barista Roasting Challenge Part 2: Single Origin Brewed Coffees (Video): Cupping the entries in the Home Barista Roasting Challenge Single Origin Brewed Coffees .
Cuptoberfest 2010 Image Gallery: In October of 2010, Sweet Maria's hosted local Bay Area coffee cuppers at our warehouse for an afternoon of what else? coffee tasting.
Silverskin on Green Coffee: Indicator of Cherry Ripeness? (Video): Does the amount of silverskin present on green coffee indicate something about the ripeness of the fruit?
Coffee Processing Experiment: El Manzano (Video): Tasting 3 coffees from El Manzano El Salvador that were processed three ways.
Comparisons of Coffee and Wine by Carl Staub: : Adoption of an Appellation System Presenter: Ron Wiegand from his SCAA conference presentation
Taste Evaluation of Green Coffee Bean Samples Prior to Purchase & Use by Michael Sivetz: From his SCAA presentation, the basics of sample evaluation.
Cup of Excellence Roundup 2009: Of course, we think the Cup of Excellence program is fantastic on quite a few levels.
First Ever Cupping Class at Sweet Maria's (July 2008): This past July held our first ever class here at Sweet Maria's. Classes were small...
Costa Rica La Minita Cupping '01-'04 crops: Okay, here are the results of Mike McGuiness' samples of 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 Costa Rica La Minita samples.
Preface to "Coffee Quality" by Michael Sivitz: This is not your ordinary "run of the mill" coffee booklet extolling romantic places and recipes.
Robusta Characteristics by Nestle: Following info is from Nestle (about their Espresso system advertizing on the web)
Sensory Evaluation of Coffee by Ellen Jordan Reidy, from her SCAA presentation :
"Tourist in a Taste Lab" article from Discover Magazine: The brain is the mastermind of flavor but tongues are where it starts - and some are far more sensitive than others.
First Ever Cupping Class at Sweet Maria's : I did a short page on the First Ever Cupping Class at Sweet Maria's that happened July 2008.
Taste Terminology and Roast Names: I hate to promote Epicureanism, but sometimes you need to communicate something to others.
Roast Busters: We had a periodic cupping club years ago called RoastBusters. Here's the results of the last one.
Cupping Indian Coffees at Mr. Espresso's Roasting Plant: A (Bay Area) cupping in early April that was interesting in two aspects.
Here's the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel!: ...you can get these items printed on a poster or cup from me or the SCAA too!
Ken Davids Reviewed Sweet Maria's Coffees: Sweet Maria's coffees were reviewed by Ken Davids in Sept. 99 CoffeeReview
Taste and Price: When Values Shift: Cupping rates many things besides coffee... most obviously, the value based on price, and so many other intangibles as well ...
Teaching to Taste: How to be a better taster. Identifying, qualifying, and then quantifying what you taste as well as what you sense.
Tom's Constantly Updated Cupping Log: This is a log of incoming samples here at Sweet Maria's with only the total score recorded and a Y or N for further evaluation.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Cupping: Cupping Different Bean Sizes Separately: Today I am motivated by the most un-scientific curiousity to screen a roasted Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and cup the different bean sizes
Fruit or Ferment:
What The He — Is Jasmine?: