1. the coffee patio (video)

    the coffee patio (video)

    Clips from recent trips to Costa Rica, Colombia, Yemen, Ethiopia and Sumatra, all about drying coffee and various methods

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  2. Sumatra Coffee: Harvest and Processing

    Sumatra Coffee: Harvest and Processing

    This is a longer video compiled from clips shot in North Sumatra

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  3. Sumatra on $76 a day

    Sumatra on $76 a day

    Motorbiking around the Lake Toba / Lintong area of Sumatra, meeting coffee farmers, visiting coffee mills, trying to stay upright and not go off the road.

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  4. Cupping in Quick Time

    Cupping in Quick Time

    I took this movie at 1 fps in Peru at the "Concurso de Cafe de Calidad" this past week. It starts in round 2 with cupping,...

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