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  1. Choosing a Pour Over Brewer

    Choosing a Pour Over Brewer

    Three questions you should ask yourself.

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  2. Aeropress Plunger Cleaning

    Aeropress Plunger Cleaning

    If your Aeropress plunger is excreting some sticky stuff. Don't worry, it's harmless but you probably still want to know how to clean it off, right?

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  3. Video: Metal Aeropress Filters

    Video: Metal Aeropress Filters

    Have fun pushing coffee through these metal Aeropress filters.

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  4. Moka Pot Brewing (Stovetop Espresso)

    Moka Pot Brewing (Stovetop Espresso)

    These are some basic instructions that you will, undoubtedly, adapt and refine to suit your purposes...

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  5. Espresso: Choosing the Right Coffee for Espresso

    Espresso: Choosing the Right Coffee for Espresso

    Usually, an espresso blend must be blended for balance, or particular varietal qualities that would be favorable in a drip coffee might overwhelm the espresso extract.

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  6. Espresso: The Grind

    Espresso: The Grind

    It's often said that a good grinder is the most important piece of equipment for making espresso, and I tend to agree.

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  7. Espresso: Almighty Crema

    Espresso: Almighty Crema

    The presence of crema, the foam on your espresso, means you are in the ballpark ...

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  8. Cona Vacuum Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's!

    Cona Vacuum Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's!

    Cona brewing is a wonderful visual experience that just happens to result in perfect coffee.

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  9. Chemex Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's

    Chemex Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's

    The Chemex Coffee Making System was developed by a chemist to achieve one result: brew a perfect cup of coffee every time.

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  10. Ibrik Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's!

    Ibrik Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's!

    These are intended as a "starting point" for Ibrik brewing - ultimately you will figure out the best and most convenient ways to use these brewing devices, so please remake, twist, turn, distort, decompile, torch, grind and brew these instructions to suit your own needs!.

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  11. Bodum Santos Brewing Instructions

    Bodum Santos Brewing Instructions

    Here are Bodum's instructions for using the Santos.

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  12. Clever Cleaning

    Clever Cleaning

    Here are a few ways to give your Clever Coffee Dripper the proper care it deserves

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Clever, Clever, HandyBrew.

Clever, Clever, HandyBrew.

The Clever Coffee Dripper has been a very popular product for a long time which is why it was frustrating to have been sold out of them for the past few weeks. We have been impatiently waiting on our new shipment (that just arrived this afternoon) because the shipping container was packed with 2 new versions of the popular dripper and a new product called the HandyBrew. The Clevers now come in a large size (same capacity as the previous model) and a small size (about 10oz max). They are made of much better plastic that is a bit stronger and does a better job of standing up to abuse and daily use. The large size still takes a #4 filter (1 box included with purchase) and the small size takes a #1 (1 box included with purchase), which sits a little below the rim so if you plan on filling it right to the brim each time, get some #2 filters that extend a bit past the edge.

The HandyBrew is kinda like a Clever but kinda not. It has the same drain system that allows you to drain your steeped coffee when it's ready but it doesn't require paper filters since it uses a double stainless steel filter that is easily removable for cleaning. It makes tea too.