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    Choosing a Pour Over Brewer

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    Aeropress Plunger Cleaning

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    Espresso: Choosing the Right Coffee for Espresso

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    Espresso: The Grind

    It's often said that a good grinder is the most important piece of equipment for making espresso, and I tend to agree.

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    Espresso: Almighty Crema

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    Cona Vacuum Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's!

    Cona brewing is a wonderful visual experience that just happens to result in perfect coffee.

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  9. Chemex Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's

    Chemex Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's

    The Chemex Coffee Making System was developed by a chemist to achieve one result: brew a perfect cup of coffee every time.

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  10. Ibrik Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's!

    Ibrik Brewing Instructions from Sweet Maria's!

    These are intended as a "starting point" for Ibrik brewing - ultimately you will figure out the best and most convenient ways to use these brewing devices, so please remake, twist, turn, distort, decompile, torch, grind and brew these instructions to suit your own needs!.

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  11. Bodum Santos Brewing Instructions

    Bodum Santos Brewing Instructions

    Here are Bodum's instructions for using the Santos.

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  12. Clever Cleaning

    Clever Cleaning

    Here are a few ways to give your Clever Coffee Dripper the proper care it deserves

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Clever Dripper Pricing: The Inside Scoop

Clever Dripper Pricing: The Inside Scoop

June 16, 2015

Ever notice how a lot of products sold online share the same price? This is due to MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing). Whomever is selling these products to retailers asks that they don't sell them for under a set amount. This is the best way to keep all involved companies sustainable and to maintain the value of the products being sold.

So why are we enrolling you in Merchandising 101? Well, it's because we are dealing with a frustrating issue that we wanted to be transparent about. From a business standpoint, it's a bit illogical to write an article all about how you can purchase a product that we sell, for less, from someone else, but we think this is pretty important.

As you may know, Sweet Maria's and our wholesale company, Coffee Shrub are the importers of the Clever Coffee Dripper. This means Sweet Maria's sells them directly to our customers and Coffee Shrub sells them by the case for a discounted price to retailers. We ask our retailers to sell them for an amount no higher than the price we sell them for. This keeps things fair across the board. MAP is a standard way of selling parts, electronics, cosmetics, garden supplies, etc.

So here's the issue. The Clever Dripper is sold by a number of resellers on When one of these resellers drops their price below MAP, it's difficult to track them down and ask them to raise their price. We are normally able to contact them and the price is set back to normal but in the meantime, the other companies selling the Clever are at a huge disadvantage and lose money.

So, I Should Pay More, Just to Support This MAP Thing?

It's totally up to you, but there are a lot of companies out there that are dedicated to selling quality coffee products at sustainable prices. Companies that break MAP are looking to shave a few sales away from these honest companies. Some MAP violators will even lower their prices during evening and early morning hours to fly under the radar. The extra dollar or so that you pay to buy from an honest reseller helps them to stay in business and continue to offer great coffee gear.

I noticed someone selling Clevers on Amazon for less but the dripper looks different from the one everyone else sells.

Some Amazon sellers carry older stock. Old model Clevers are made from a plastic that was prone to heat and stress fractures.