Coming Soon - The Victorio Stovetop Popper for Coffee Roasting

Coming Soon - The Victorio Stovetop Popper for Coffee Roasting

Jan. 15, 2018

Since roasting your own coffee can be a "do-it-yourself experience", we have all gotten used to modifications and workarounds

when it comes to equipment, especially with manual machines like stovetop poppers. There are a few poppers on the market and they get the job done when it comes to roasting coffee but they all have their quirks.

This popper by Victorio caught our attention because it offered solutions to all the minor issues users of stovetop roasters have been dealing with.


Notable features:

  • The handle opposite the crank allows for safe 2-handed handling of your hot popper.
  • The lid flips up easily and is held open magnetically.
  • No gears. The agitating arms are turned by a gear-less "Flex-drive" cable.
  • The "Flex-drive" has a lifetime warranty.
  • The base works with all stovetops, including induction.

The magnet is such a welcome feature. It's really nice to check on your roast without the lid falling down. Having it out of the way when emptying the roaster eliminates having to shake out the last beans which as you may know can be irritating when your popper is hot, the lid is floppin' and the chaff is flyin'.

The handle on the non-crank side is a big help with the overall maneuverability of the popper on your stovetop and using both hands to pour hot, roasted coffee beans from a hot roaster just feels a lot safer.

We don't have an exact arrival date for these yet so thanks for your patience. We hope to offer them in the coming weeks.