Five New Coffees

Five New Coffees
August 7, 2015
Our first coffees from Urrao, Antioquia have arrived - Colombia Cup of Antioquia - Hugo Sepulveda, and Colombia Cup of Antioquia - Jose Leobardo. Both coffees were in the top 50 of 2014, Hugo actually took 5th place, quite a feat when you consider there were over 800 entries last year! These two coffees represent our introduction to the region of Urrao, a highland are tucked away in the northwest corner of Antioquia with a strong small-holder coffee growing tradition. We paid a handsome price for these two coffees to keep them out of the auctions. They show extremely unique cup profiles - cleanly fruited and integrated acidity - and perhaps most importantly, this purchase helped solidify our interest in growing a buying program in the region. Consider these a window into "what's to come", as we have 1/2 container-full of Urrao micro lots and blends landing in the next couple weeks.
Colombia Cup of Antioquia - Hugo Sepulveda - cups like a competition winner - fruit punch, stewed stone fruits, mulling spice hints and well-integrated acidity. Descriptors build as the cup cools, an array of fruit-juice flavors, backed with thick, honey sweetness, and mouth-cleansing finish.


Colombia Cup of Antioquia - Jose Leobardo - cups with fruit-forward complexity, from tart berry to orange-infused honey. The body is lush like fruit juice, and deeper roasts bring on a delicious dark-chocolate flavor to the mix. Amazing for espresso.


Guatemala Xinabajul - San Antonio Huista - makes for a clean cup, filled out with sugar-browning, honey sweetness and spiced accents. Middle roast levels have elements of apple crisp - baked apples with cinnamon stick and raw sugar crumble. Good for espresso.


Panama Boquete Camiseta Estate - Flavors of caramel, butter pecan and a mouth-cleansing, balanced acidity. Definitely a coffee we'd drink every day.


Guatemala Proyecto Xinabajul - Peña Roja - has incredible stone-fruit juice sweetness with great body and weight similar to apple juice. Dark roasts build high % cacao bar retaining fruit-forward characteristics. Good for espresso.
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