Green Coffee

Basics of green

Choosing Green Coffee FAQ: Q: What coffee should I choose? A: Sweet Maria's Coffee offers over 50 different kinds of coffee, so we get this question a lot.
Blending Basics (with Espresso Blend section): Blending is done for several reasons. Presumably, the goal is to make a coffee that is higher in cup quality...
Here's Looking at Green Beans: To an expert, green coffee is a text. It can be read bean by bean, telling the entire story of the coffee...
Macro Images of Coffee: From Cherry to Green to Roasted: Macro images give you a good chance to study detail in both green and roasted coffee.
Brazil Defect Image Gallery: Organic Brazil, so sad, facing a full-on assault of insect, fungus, poor nutrition. And on top of that, grown at 900 meters.

Cultivation of coffee

Coffee Varietal Images: This is a collection of coffee cultivar images from my travels. It's not complete and I am sure...
Wet Processing Coffee at Home: I brought back some coffee cherry on a recent trip to Costa Rica, and after planting some, I had leftovers. What to do?
Microscopic Images of Coffee Seed: Structure and Defects: coffea arabica - coffee plant root structure and early leaf formation
Exotic Coffee Cultivars: Besides coffea arabica and coffea robusta (canefora), there are no other coffee cultivars that are currently in commercial production.
Growing Coffee at Home: To have great success growing your own coffee from seed, you need a whole, ripe coffee cherry or from parchment coffee, aka pergamino