Mokha Moka Madness! Yemen Mokha Sharasi, Yemen Mokha Ismaili, Hawaii Ka'anapali DP Maui Moka 16 Screen

We are super psyched to add TWO amazing Yemeni coffees today and a new Hawaii Dry Process lot, Yemen Mokha Ismaili , Yemen Mokha Sharasi , Hawaii Ka'anapali DP Maui Moka 16 Screen We know there are lots of folks out there who already know the amazing qualities of Yemeni coffees but for the uninitiated they are wildly fruity and rustic in the best possible way. Yemen Mokha Sharasi has winey fruits and spice hints and is outstanding as SO espresso. Yemen Mokha Ismaili tastes like chocolate dipped banana at light roasts with more licorice at darker levels, again, outstanding as SO espresso. These are both also great coffees to blend with, try your own version of Moka Kadir by mixing one or both of these Yemeni coffees with the Harar Longberry. Last but not least we have Hawaii Ka'anapali DP Maui Moka 16 Screen a unique rounded bean cultivar that is a bit tricky to roast, but delivers maple syrup and melted butter flavors, that's right: a dry process Hawaii offering! Click through for more notes on the coffees.