New Product Video Review: The Fresh Roast SR540

New Product Video Review: The Fresh Roast SR540
May 31, 2019

Fresh Roast's SR500 was perfect. It was a robust machine that did exactly what it promised, evenly roasting four ounces of coffee, with intuitive controls and great chaff collection. Now it's in peace.

(Moment of silence)

Fresh Roast wouldn't leave us hanging by discontinuing such a great machine and not replacing it with something better. Enter the SR540. They improved a few features and didn't fix what wasn't broke at the same time.

Goodbye SR500. Hello SR540.

At first glance, there's been a noticeable change to the glass roast chamber and control panel. The wider roast chamber has a very grabbable handle and better visibility. There are small bumps protruding from the side of the chamber's metal screen to keep it in position. Just because it's wider doesn't mean it's immune to getting knocked off the base unit so be mindful when moving around your work area.

The chaff collector lid has been improved too. Redesigned are the small tabs that keep it in position on the glass roast chamber. As usual, it does a great job of collecting chaff . It doesn't eliminate smoke but it does minimize the rate at which it flows from the lid, making it easy to minimize smoke in your kitchen when roasting under your stove's hood fan.

New wider roast chamber with better visibility and better handle.


These tabs keep the chaff collector in place but you can still knock it off, if not careful.


The control panel has similar styling to the the SR500 but is much more minimal. The display looks odd at first but after clicking on the knob to toggle between displays, it becomes very intuitive. We really like the real time temperature display and the nine levels of heat settings compared to the SR500's low, med and high switch.

The simple control surface offers a lot of functionality.


Overall, we are really impressed with the SR540. If you are new to roasting, or upgrading from a DIY method like a popcorn popper we think this will be a great machine for you. If you already have an SR model like the SR500 or  SR700, and are happy with it, we encourage you to do your research before busting out the credit card to buy an SR540 because although the new features and wider roast chamber are attractive, the 4oz batch size is the same. If you were hoping to roast more coffee per batch, check out the new Fresh Roast Extension Tube for your SR500 or SR300.