After a week in El Salvador, I flew over to Costa Rica to meet up with Maria and Ben - a rare family coffee trip in one of the best countries for such a thing! We are headed to Panama in the morning, and I will be cupping in the competition. The 4 Barrel-ers are here too, Jeremy, his wife, Laura and son, Rogan, along with Phil Anacker, and we will all head to Panama, with our friend Francisco Mena. The past few days here have been nice. The rains have definitely started which helps trigger the coffee flowers to bloom. And by the looks of the flowering, next year should be a much bigger (and easier to harvest) crop than the one being processed now. But on the cupping table the shipping samples of our lots have been really stellar. and with the special packaging we are doing they should arrive in great condition (about 3 weeks or so from this writing).