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  1. Aillio Bullet R1 Support

    Aillio Bullet R1 Support

    Need a little help with your Bullet R1? We are here for you.

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  2. Intro to Home Roasting Class

    Intro to Home Roasting Class

    Sign up for this roasting basics class. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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  3. Our New Postcards

    Our New Postcards

    Placing an order with us soon? Look in your box for a basic guide to some of the new features on our website

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  4. A few roasting articles to get you started

    A few roasting articles to get you started

    Did you catch our Maker Faire demo? There's more roasting info here...enter if you dare.

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  5. Farm Gate Coffee™

    Farm Gate Coffee™

    Farm Gate Coffee is the name we give to our direct trade coffee buying program. Farm Gate pricing means that we have negotiated a price directly with the farmer "at the farm gate," that is, without any of the confusing export and import fees.

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  6. Storing Your Roasted Coffee

    Storing Your Roasted Coffee

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  7. Proper Pants for Coffee Travels?

    Proper Pants for Coffee Travels?

    Tom's take on on the right pants...more than just protection from ants.

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  8. Product Guide: Nesco Air Roasters

    Product Guide: Nesco Air Roasters

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  9. Product Guide: Electric Grinders

    Product Guide: Electric Grinders

    Choosing the right grinder can be intimidating. Here's a guide to the electric grinders we carry.

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  10. Product Guide: Espresso Machines

    Product Guide: Espresso Machines

    A good espresso machine can handle the pressure of pulling a real shot.

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  11. Product Guide: Manual Grinders

    Product Guide: Manual Grinders

    Hands-on coffee grinding. Four manual mills that will do the job without electricity.

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  12. Brewing Advice from Lily

    Brewing Advice from Lily

    47 Tips To Make Pour Over Coffee Like A Barista

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TherMax Vacuum Insulation from Thermos-Nissan


TherMax vacuum insulation virtually eliminates temperature change by creating an airless vacuum space between two stainless steel walls. The result is an insulation layer that performs better than any other. A superior insulated container you can depend on to keep your beverages hotter, cooler, fresher longer.